our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


8. shopping with Grace

Riley's POV


I was in the shower thinking about what Grace had said. She was right in a way. I mean I don't want to mess up my life and i really don't want to mess up Justin's career.


I was done taking a shower, I got out, put a towel on and walked out into my bed room where Grace was sitting on my bed.


Then she walked up and sniffed me.


Grace: ahh much better now i can take you out in public.

Riley: wait? what? I'm not going out there.

Grace: If you stay in here, Justin's fans will think they got the best of you. You can't let them stop you.


That was a very moving speech that she just gave...... And she was right.


Riley: but what if they recognize me?

Grace: then just say that your not the girl in the photo.


I thought for a second. its not like the photo shows all of my face.


Riley: alright fine.

Grace: good now go get dressed.


she pushed me into my closet and I got dressed.



An above the waist high black leather skirt, a light purple tank top that was tucked in the skirt, with a light colored denim vest, also some light purple convers and a purple and black Vera Bradley cross-body bag.


Then i walked in to the bathroom to do my hair.



I first blow dried it and then straightened it a little then curled into big waves......... So my hair was wavy.


Then i walked out of the bathroom.




Grace's POV


Riley walked out of the bathroom wearing really cute outfit. I'm kind of jealous of how pretty she is and how she has a nice body. But then I look in the mirror and I'm beautiful and I have a great body and I also have bigger boobs than Riley.


Grace: Ready?

Riley: yep.


* * *


We just got in my black convertible sports car.


Grace: so what do you want to do first?

Riley: can we get something to eat I feel like I'm going to die.


She grabbed her stomach........ I wish she would just die.



Grace: Where do you want to go?

Riley: can we go to McDonalds?


She knew I hated that place but I had to be nice to her to listen to me about breaking up with Justin.


Grace: fine.


I drove us to McDonalds. The I parked the car and we went in.


Riley: do we have to eat inside?

Grace: it will be fine.

Riley: what if they notice me?

Grace: than do what I told you to do.


Gosh is this all she does, complain?


Riley: Fine, but if i die I'm going to haunt you.


I wish you would just die.


Then we order our food and sat down at a table.


We were eating then all of the sudden 3 pretty girls walked in about our age or a little younger. I looked at Riley and she had her head down so they wouldn't see her face.


The girls got their food and walked by our table so I started talking to Riley loud enough so the girls would here me.


Grace: don't worry Riley they wont know who you are.


Then the girls looked down at Riley.


Girl 1: wait are you the girl that was in the photo kissing Justin Bieber?


Riley looked up.


Riley: uhhh no lots of people think i look like-


I cut her off.


Grace: don't lie to them.


She gave me an evil confused look.


Riley: umm.....,

Girl 1: we're not mad at you if you are.


The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement.


Wait what how are they not mad!!


Riley: what?

Girl 2: ya we like Justin but we're not die heart fans.

Girl 3: besides we're happy if he's happy.


These girls must be losing their minds. If I were them I would punch Riley in the face....... Wimps.


Riley: wait so your not mad or want to kill me?


the girls giggled.


Girl 1: no we're fine with you guys being together.


they all nodded their heads.


Riley: can I ask you a favor?


They all nodded their heads.


Riley: can you please not tell anyone who I am.


All 3 girls: ya sure.

Riley: thanks!


They walked away. I was sitting there in amazement that the girls didn't kill Riley.


Riley: why did you practically tell them?

Grace: it all worked out anyways.


She rolled her eyes. she was pissed at me.



* * *


Riley POV


We were done eating. I was mad at Grace for practically telling those girls that I was the girl in the photo. she was the one who said to lie. But I mean it did all work out fine, I guess, I just don't want her to tell anyone else.


We got in her car (that I had never seen her drive before) and she started driving.


Grace: so where shall we go next?

Riley: I don't know you choose.

Grace: how about Victoria secret, I need some new bras and under wear.

Riley: okay.


I guess i could use some cute bras and underwear.


Then she started driving to the mall.

When we got there Grace and I got measured for the bra size.


I was a 34 B and Grace was a 34 D. she has always had big boobs.


Than I found 2 cute bras and I bought them, Grace on the other hand bought 6 push up bras, 6 thongs and 5 night gown  dresses except they were the sexy kind that were really short and laced in the boobs area. I wonder what she wants all that for?


It was like 139$ for all of her stuff. she didn't have a job and her parents aren't the richest people in the world.

Then we walked out of the store with no one noticing who I was.


Grace: so where to next?



She still has money?




A/N: okay so why do you think that Grace is buying all of that sexy stuff??!! And I'm sooo sooo sooo sooo sorry that it took a long time to update, I will make the next chapter long for you guys....... The more comments, likes and favs that I get, then quicker I will update!!!!! :D





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