our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


5. seeing Justin

Riley's POV


I ran upstairs to my room to look at the note that Will gave to me. when i got to my room i plopped on my bed.


'The note:'


I figured that you liked me the most, but you didn't want the other guys to get mad. So here's my number:

(111) 555-4321

You better call me! ;)


'end of the note'


I rolled my eyes at how sure of himself he was, but it made me laugh at the same time.


then i got out my Phone and put his number in it and put the contact name as 'F'd up Will'.


I looked at the time and it was 1:15 p.m. I wonder what time me and Justin are going to get together.

then my phone buzzed, i looked and it was a message from Justin.


'text messages'

Justin: hey what time do u want 2 come over? XX

Riley: whenever u want 2. XO

Justin: How about 2? XX

Riley: okay b there then! XO

Justin: can't wait! Luv u! XX

Riley: Luv u 2! XO

'end of text'


I got up from my bed and looked at my self in the mirror. I wanted to look better for Justin so i went to my closet and picked out an outfit.



I put my hair into a side braid, a white flowy tank top with a mustache on it and the words "I love mustaches" on it, with some black short shorts and to add some color hot pink ankle high convers.


I figured we would swim in his pool so i brought my reddish orangeish bikini and a white strapless cover up.


I put the swimming suit in a big purse so my parents wouldn't think any thing of it.


I redid my make up to kill time. Then looked at my phone to see the time it was 1:40 p.m.


I gathered my stuff and went down stairs. I tried to be as quite as possible, but my dad caught me.


Dad: hey sweetie, where are you off to?


come on, think of some kind of excuse..... oh got it.


Riley: I'm going to hang out with Grace.

Dad: when do you plan on being back.

Riley: uhhh... later tonight.

Dad: okay stay out of trouble.

Riley: when do i ever do that?


he gave me a kiss on the for head and then i left.


While i was driving to Justin's I had to call Grace to ask if she could tell my parents that I was with her.


'phone call with Grace'


Grace: Hello?

Riley: hey Grace I have a favor to ask.

Grace: what is it?


She sounded like she really didn't care about what i was saying.


Riley: I kinda told my dad that I am going to hang out with you tonight.

Grace: So you want to hang out?

Riley: uhhh not exactly, It was a cover story so i could hang out with Justin.

Grace: so you want me to lie for you.

Riley: Please?

Grace: huff.

Riley: is that a yes?

Grace: I'll think about it.

Riley: thanks.

Grace so when will you be over to his house?

Riley: actually I'm driving there now.

Grace: cool.

Riley: ya well thanks again, bye.

Grace: bye.


'end of phone call'


I was like 5 minutes away from Justin's and Miley Cyrus's song 'We can't stop' came on. it was one of my favorite songs. (true fact)


by the time the song was over I pulled into Justin's drive way. I then put on a hoodie and some sweatpants over my outfit. So then people will think that I am one of Justin's guy friends. I walked up to the front door and rung the door bell.

it took like 5 seconds then the door swung open he pulled me in the house then closed the door. I walked into the house a little then he turned me around and gave me a long passionate kiss. It was so nice to be with him. then he let go of me so i could breath.


Justin: I missed you so much!

Riley: Me too.

Justin: close your eyes!

Riley: Why?

Justin: you'll find out... close them.



I closed my eyes and he grabbed my hand and took me into the lounging room I think.


Justin: okay open.


I opened my eyes and there was a GIANT bouquet of two lips. and a fancy basket full of stuff.


Riley: Oh my gosh thank you!


I Jumped on his waist and kissed him, now he was holding me like a little kid.


Justin: and those are your favorite flowers.

Riley: last time I checked those were your favorite flowers.

Justin: no, my favorite flowers are your two lips.


he looked at my lips and liked his lips. I got down off his waist and went to go see what was in the basket of goodies.


'in the basket'

there were romantic movies like 'The Notebook', 'The Titanic' ect. There was heresy's kisses my favorite, Topsy popcorn and a heart locket necklace and inside the necklace was a picture of me and Justin and on the other side had the words "forever yours". It almost made me cry how sweet he was.


Justin sat down next to me.


Justin: okay you can make out with me now.


He puckered up his lips and closed his eyes. then i Jumped on him and we started making out. we both smiled in the kiss. Then we stopped kissing.


Riley: thank you so much!! Your amazing Justin.



We both laughed a little and all the sudden Justin said something.


Justin: I love you.


It kind of shocked me because we only said I love you in texted.


Riley: I love you too.


I gave him a hug and pecked his lips.


Justin: So you want to swim?

Riley: Its to lite out what if someone sees us?

Justin: how about we watch a movie? Then go and swim?

Riley: sounds good.

Justin: "the Notebook" ?

Riley: sure!


I got the popcorn, he put the movie in and we both plopped are bottoms on the couch.


After the movie it was a little darker.


Justin: ready to go swim?

Riley: Yeah, I'll go change into my bikini.

Justin: can I watch?


I laughed but walked away to the guest bedroom and got changed into the suit.


I walked out and Justin was all ready in his swimming trunks.


Justin: you look hot!!

Riley: don't get to excited there.


Walked out into his back yard and got in the pool. I was a little worried that someone would see.


Justin's POV


I kept trying to kiss her but she got all up tight.


Justin: its fine no one can see us.

Riley: are you sure?

Justin: Positive.


She smiled and kissed me back this time.



* * *


The next morning I woke the next morning thinking about Riley. I love her so much!


Then I got a text from scooter.



Text messages:




End of text.


I turned on the T.V. My mouth Dropped open and the remote fell from my hands!! Who would do such a thing??






A/N: What Happened!!!!! And thank you for all the likes and favs it means a lot to me. this was the longest chapter I ever wrote!!! the more Comments, likes and favs I will update sooner!



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