our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


10. betrayed

Riley's POV




*next morning*


The next morning I woke up to my phone buzzing again. It was 7:30 am. Its kind of early for someone to be texting me.


When I looked at the text I couldn't believe what I was seeing.......





Grace's POV


*last night*


I found Justin he was sitting with Ryan and some girls I waited for him to be alone. While I waited I had a few drinks and grinded on a few guys.


I had almost forgotten what I was here for. I looked around. Then standing there all alone the sexy Justin Drew Bieber. I wasn't really drunk, I was sober enough to go and talk to him.


I walked up to him from behind.



Justin's POV



I was standing by myself wishing that I had never came to this party. Then all of the sudden I heard a girl from behind me start talking in a sexy voice to me.


Grace: hey sexy.


It was Grace, man did she look great tonight........, wait what am I saying? I have Riley, and she is way more sexy.


Justin: Grace?

Grace: yes, who else could it be?


she walked up and tried to kiss me but I pushed her away confused.


Justin: I'm with Riley.

Grace: so?

Justin: so, your her best friend why are you trying to kiss me?

Grace: Justin you know that you like me more than just your girlfriends best friend, I've seen the way you look at me.


She tried to kiss me again. I pushed her away.


Justin: I'm with Riley weather you like it or not!

Grace: I didn't think that I would have to do this.

Justin: what?



She pulled out her phone, then found what she was looking for. She showed me her phone. It was messages, with Riley and some guy named Will. but I refused to read it and I pushed her phone away.


Grace: Justin, read them, its important!

Justin: no, that's probably her friend!

Grace: read the messages, and you'll see how she treats her "friends".


I looked back at her phone...... I couldn't believe it! she's dating another guy?


My eye brows narrowed in confusion.


Grace: see?

Justin: what is this?

Grace: she's playing you.

Justin: she wouldn't do that!

Grace: well she just did.


I was standing there in disbelief.



Grace: I'll go get some drinks.

Justin: okay.



I didn't look at Grace. I was staring off into space, thinking about how mush I love Riley. Or at least how much I did love her. This cant be happening!! I kind of mad, no I'm pissed! I loved her so much and this is how she treats me,........... Maybe a drink wouldn't hurt.




Grace POV



Grace: I'll go get some drinks.

Justin: okay.




I walked off, you could see in Justin's face that he was about to exploded........... Yes, it worked!



I was at the bar and got me and Justin a vodka twist with lemon. but I slipped a little something in Justin's drink to make him loosen up.

Then I walked back to Justin with our drinks in my hand.


Grace: here you go.


I handed him his drink.


Justin: thanks.


he scuffed it down.


Grace: whoa there big boy...... Let me get you another.


I grabbed his glass and went and got another vodka twist and put some more "loosening up stuff" in it.


I brought it back to him. he slowly sipped this one. Its not long before he will be feeling better.



* * *


Me and Justin are on the dance floor. I'm grinding on him so hard that there isn't any room for a slight bite of air to reach in-between us. it felt so good it was like "Dirty Dancing" come to life with me and Justin.


It seemed like the music just kept getting louder and louder and me and Justin rubbed harder and harder. Then Justin whisper/yelled in my ear.


Justin: lets get out of here.


he sounded really drunk and his eyes were barley open.


Grace: okay.


He held on to my hand and pulled me out of the club with him. When we got outside there was lights of the city that filled the air. Justin lead me to his car and be for we got in he pushed me up against the car and started to make out with me. this wasn't the first time that we have made out tonight. I wrapped my legs around his waist. then I pulled away from the kiss. and he let me down. and he tried to walk over to the drivers seat to drive.


Grace: oh no you don't. I think I'll drive.

Justin: No I'm good I can drive.


he could barley even finish a sentence with his eyes open. I don't feel like dying.


Grace: that's okay baby I'll drive.


I kissed him again.


Justin: okay baby.


I started to drive to Justin's house, I looked over at Justin he was sweating a little, his eyes were half way open and he was looking at me and licking his lips.


Grace: what are you looking at?

Justin: you.

Grace: you like what you see?

Justin: I fuck what I see.

Grace: yeah you do.



he smiled and laughed a little. he is cute when he is drugged and drunk.


We got to his house and walked inside. Justin through me up against the wall and started making out with me while i wrapped my legs around his waist. we bumped and hit everything while Justin carried me up the stairs to his room. and we made it up safe with a few burses. Then he through me on the bed. And hovered over me.



We fucked for like an hour straight. then we lied in his bed panting.


I got up ad got Justin's phone. then put it on record. and gave it to Justin.


Grace: hold this.


I handed him his phone (it isn't recording anything yet)


Justin: what for?


he was getting a little normal now but he was still drunk.


Grace: to tape our first time.

Justin: for who?

Grace: us and maybe your ex bitch girlfriend Riley.

Justin: so we are going to record us and send it to........ Riley?

Grace: ya...... come on it will be fun!

Justin: okay........... okay.


he could barley talk. then he pressed record.




Grace: hey Riley how's it going? because its going great for me.

Justin: ya me too.


he started to kiss my neck. and I giggled. then we started making out.


Grace: how does it feel Riley to have someone take away you true love?? huh?


I said that to the camera.


Justin: Your hot........ I'm hot.


Justin was acting like a clueless kid.


Grace: I know sweetie.


I smiled at the camera. and mouthed the word bitch. I kissed Justin and stopped the video.


End of video.



It was 7:27 am. we must have been at the club for a long time.


Then I sent the video to Riley.


There will defiantly be no more Riley and Justin!





A/N: hey guys so...ya... i didn't get into detail with Grace and Justin having sex, because that would be awkward for me and some of you. so I apologize if your mad that I didn't write a description...... and one more thing GRACE I got one word that describes her BITCH!! shes the worst friend ever. so what do you think Riley is going to do about the video and about her and Justin. Will they stay together? Or will this story end like a twilight saga, always a mystery? The more comments likes, and favs I get the sooner I will update!







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