My Angels

Darcy is like every other girl in london. Except for one big detail. She has an abusive father and her life is falling apart. That is, until she meets harry. Harry and the boys become her family. This story is for atleast 14 and up! i reccommend you youngens STAY AWAY from this book.


1. Could it get worse?

"I said I was sorry!" I screamed at my dad. I got home late.....that was a BIG mistake. My dad is a drunken douche bag. Ofcourse the one night i come home late, he is hammered. "You worthless bitch! You cant do nothing right! All you had to do was come home in time! Damn you Darcy!" "Dad I said sorry what else do you want me to do?!" He grabbed the baseball bat behind him and started beating me. Again. Pain shoots through me. It felt like hours. when he was done there was no doubt I had a broken arm from where I was covering my head. Thank god! Bruises covered me from head to toe and sitting up was a challenge for me. But I had to go fast. I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I quickly got out my suitcase and started packing. I got the Thousand dollars from my sock drawer, my cell, some outfits and a plane ticket I got right before I was beaten half to death. I couldnt go through the front door or he was going to kill me for sure. My room was on the second floor but the window was my only choice. I through my bag out my bedroom window. "one, two, three!" I jumped out the window. "DAMN IT!" pain shot through my ankle right as I hit the ground. I ran/limped to my car, started the engine, and off I went towards the airport. When I got there I got on the plane and let out a sigh of relief. Ive done it. I escaped!

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