The ranger girl



2. Sea wolves

"Sea Wolves! Sea Wolves!" A man came running into the market shouting. A shocked silence followed. Sea wolves here? After all these years?

"Where?" The speaker was a young girl barely 14. Her name was Willow. She had no family name and was a ward at Seacliff Fief.

She was not an impressive figure she was very tall and extremely thin, but she had an aura of power. And her eyes had a commanding gaze. Her face was nothing extremely special. She was pretty. Her lips were pale pink, and blond hair was cut short. Her nose was normal in the extreme. But her eyes were spectacular, they were big and a beautiful shade of green, but around the pupil there was a ring of golden fire. It gave her a commanding air.

So when she asked "Where?" the man didn't hesitate despite her age and gender.

"Sand Creek Bay, they've already raided and are loading their stuff onto the boat,"

"Lead the way, I'll follow," she said after a second of thinking.

"Thank you miss," the man said, Willow was well known for her healing, and plenty of that would be needed after a raid.

"Please call me Willow, or if you want to be formal, Alyss," Willow replied.

The man nodded and they raced off to the town near Sand Creek Bay. When they got there Willow raised an eyebrow. Not much destruction for a raid. The man beside her was equally surprised. "I'll go look for wounded," Willow said, "you can do as you like." the man nodded and drifted off. Willow ran down to the coast she found a crowd and the Skandians. She saw they had a herd of horses, and she spotted her favorite horse among them, "Wait," she cried on impulse.

Instantly the Sea wolves turned to look at her she quailed. But she knew Skandians valued courage and it would be bad for her to stop now. On the other hand it was extremely dangerous to continue, but now the Sea Wolves were looking at her expectantly, "Can I have my horse back?" she braved. Damn she thought to herself that was supposed to come out as more insulting, maybe its a good thing it didn't. She thought to herself.

"Why should I give you your horse back? " A gruff voice asked.

"She's my favorite horse, and I was just hoping that you might give her back," Willow replied. She thought it was vain hope.

"And why would I have done that?" Skandian asked. She realized he was asking her for a good reason to give it back to her.

"Because Skandians don't really ride, do they? And she's much too good to waste as a packhorse," Willow replied.

"Which one is she? Get her, before I change my mind," he answered. Delighted, she walked over to the short shaggy white horse and lead her away. 

"Thank you," she said to the big burly Seawolf, she kissed him lightly on the cheek, and then surprised with herself swung on her horse and galloped away to the castle.

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