The ranger girl



5. Redmont

Gilain sat in his little cabin, thinking. "Shes a girl" he said out loud.

He remembered Halt's advice for him. "You'll know who your apprentice is when you meet them, they will have a sense around them."

"But she's a girl she can't be a ranger." he thought  Gilain took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. "What would Halt do,' he thought. It was a trick he used in the past he hadn't used it in a while solutions usually came easy to him now. And if they didn't this had alway got him out of any scrape. But it wasn't working today. Perhaps it was time to visit Redmont.


Blazes hoof clip clopped against the wooden bridge. He smiled fondly at the shaggy horse. Blaze stopped just outside of his girlfriend, Jennys restaurant. He dismounted and was about to go in when Jenny came running out. 

"I missed you," she cried.

"I missed you to Jenny," he said and enveloped her in a hug. "I'm going to go see Halt and Will but I'll swing by again later and stay the night then its back to Seacliff for me,"

"Okay, I look forward to seeing you, and I'll make you a plum tart," she said.

"Aww thanks Jen," he said and remounted. she blew him a kiss and he rode off.

He rode through the bustling streets. People made way for him as he was on horseback. He turned down the small street to the forest and all the sudden the traffic was gone. Not many people need to go to the forest today he thought. It would have been strange if this was as busy as the marketplace. He rode down to Will's house. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"You can come in Gilian," Halts voice drifted through the door.

Gilian breathed sigh of relief. Halt was here, he didn't have to ride up to the castle. He opened the door and walked inside. He didn't bother asking Halt how he knew it was him, he already knew the answer. "Hullo Halt,  hullo Will,"

"What brings you here to day, Gilian?" Will asked.

"I need you guys advice, or Halt's more correctly, but if you're busy, I can't come back later," Gilian said, indicating the mass of papers on the table.

Will and Halt both look at the papers with and expression of extreme distaste. "Nope we're not busy," they chorused.

"Good," Gilian said. "I think I may have found my apprentice," 

"Oh thats great Gil," Will cried.

But Halt pursed his lips, sensing there was something more "Go one" he said.

Gilian cleared his throat nervously several time and then managed to say "Shes a girl."

There was a shocked pause, and then.

"She's a girl? Rangers can't be girls, you've lost your mind Gilian!" Will burst out.

"Thats what I said, Will, but she had this feeling around her. And she actually wasn't that bad at unseen and unheard movement," Gilian replied choosing to ignore the fact that Will thought he had lost his mind. He noticed that Halt hadn't said something yet. "What do you think Halt?"

"What do I think? I think there were rumors of the very first ranger being a Galician girl. And that even though everyone discounted them as just that, rumors, every story as a seed of truth. And I also think times are changing, girls are becoming diplomats, why  can't there be a girl ranger? I think you need to look at her again, and see what shes like. Anyway Will maddie was a girl."

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