The ranger girl



6. a girl

Willow tooks a deep breath "It doesn't matter she thought to herself "it doesn't matter." she aimed a punch at an invisible opponent. "I don't care," she aimed a high kick with all the power of her anger and sadness the kick probably could have dislocated her opponent's jaw. "I'll learn on my own" she thought aiming a flat handed punch that easily could have broken someones nose. She spun on her heel and drove her elbow into her nonexistent opponent's ribs with enough force to break them.

"I'll do it on my own," she screamed. With a mile of forest to her right and the sea to her left she thought no one would hear. It didn't occur to her that other people would be in the forest. And she didn't care if people heard anyways.

She should have.

It was weeks after the Skandians had attacked. In fact there was someone who heard her, five someones in fact. Her ward mates heard that and decided to come find her. They were mean and bullies, and had a particular dislike for Willow. Possibly because she had gotten her favorite horse back, and they hadn't. In any case, they had suspicions that she was in league with the Pirates. It is to be admitted that they were not too bright.

They stepped out into the clearing. She noticed them and spun around. "Five that's too many", she thought. Somehow she just knew that it was going to come to a fight. "Whatever" she thought "I won't go down without a fight."

"Okay, who's going to be first?" she said to no one in particular.


They had her backed up against and tree with a knife to her throat so she couldn't move. But it had not been an easy task. Someones blood was dripped all over her left sleeve. Two of the ward members were stretched out on the ground. One was holding a broken rib and blood was gushing from his broken nose. His jaw was twisted to one side from when she had dislocated it. The other was out cold from her knockout punch. And yet another was doubled over from a punch to his stomach. He rose unsteadily and to join the people holding her against the tree. In fact of the five people there only one had not suffered injury. The person with a knife to her throat already had a black eye forming.

"Why couldn't you get our horses back too?" He sneered.

"I know why," said the one who she had punched in the stomach, "Its cause shes helping the the pirates, so they gave her back her horse." Willow knew her situation was a very unhealthy one.

"I bet the barton would like to know that," said the only undamaged one. She had to bite her lip to refrain from cursing at him. He was planning to tell the barton that I was helping the pirates riad. That meant getting flogged, or if worse came to worse hung.

"Us three, against your word, there won't even need to be a trial," One of them smiled evilly, "Of course we can negotiate," His eyes strayed to her breasts, then to the area between her pants.

"Yes I think we can negotiate, you let her go and I spare your life," A voice from behind him said. Willow was tempted to crane her neck to see who it was, the voice sounded familiar. But she forced herself not to, because she knew the second she moved her neck would be slit.

The boy turned his head to see and she saw a bulky skandian. And then it clicked in her mind. It was the pirate. The one who gave her back her horse.

"Oh I don't know, we seem to be at an impasse, you take one step forward or even grab that throwing axe I see at your belt I will slit her throat, and if I move to slit her throat, you will undoubtedly kill me," The boy said. Willow could feel his grip loosen slightly, she was tempted to try and free her self now but she knew that would be a mistake, so she calmed herself down and waited for a better opportunity.

"See I need to talk to her, I don't need to talk to you however to if you kill her there is nothing to stop me from killing you. However if you let her go I will spare your miserable hide," The Scandian said.

The boy opened his mouth to reply. Willow often wondered what he could have said in response to that. But its a moot point and one we will just have to wonder about. Because at that point one of the boys loosened his grip on her wrist and she shoved  her fist up into his jaw. His eyes glazed and he sagged to the ground.

"Wha," the boy with the knife said as he started to turn around to look at her. But she grabbed his wrist forcing the knife away from her throat, she then kicked his feet out from under her releasing his wrist so that he sprawled on the ground. She put a booted foot on the back of his head to keep him there. She turn to face the other boy her heavy bladed fighting knife seeming to fly into her hand. He dropped her wrist and ran.

"Great, I bet hes going to tell the barton that I helped you raid, I'd better go and get there first," Willow cursed.

The Pirate cleared his throat.

"Oh I'm sorry I guess thanks are in order. I'm pretty good at getting out of tight spots, but that one was really tight, I'm not sure what I would have done," She said in a rush, itching to be on her way before it was too late.

"Actually I was going to say meet me back here at six tomorrow morning," The Pirate said.

"Oh," Willow said. And then she was swinging up onto her horse and riding like hell for the castle gate.

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