It All Started With a Dream

Having a dream can only go so far, it's the work you put into that dream that can take you all the way. That's the way Jo Matthews looks at things. With one dream hanging over her head twenty four seven. She wants to be a race car driver. Nothing can stop her from getting there. Even if it means tearing some people down in the process. Including one by the name of Harry Styles, new driver on the team. That's just the risk she's willing to take. But once Jo is forced to spend some time with Harry, do things start to be different? Will she actually find someone who supports her dream? Will she find love along the way? Follow along with her story, to see how she follows the one dream she's been after since a child.


1. Prologue



I place my foot on the accelerator, prepping myself to feel the rush I look forward to everyday. The feeling of being on top of the world. The feeling of freedom. Something I'm not used to being offered. My hands grip tightly over the steering wheel as sweat forms on my forehead underneath my helmet. This is my moment. My moment to show them what I can do. I look up to the lights, waiting for it to turn bright green. The light switches to yellow. I gently and slowly press the petal down, hearing the engine roar to life. The sound I absolutely loved. I watch the light intently. This is it.

"Stop!" the man with the checker flag hollered. All the racers, including myself watched as he approached my vehicle. "You. Out. Now." 

"Why?" I questioned staying planted in my seat. The man just stood there with an icy cold glare. I looked up to the stands at the people waiting impatiently. I just waited for the one person I didn't want to see right now. My father. 
"If I have to ask you again, I'll have your whole team suspended from all races in the season!" The man yelled. 
"Why?" I questioned once again not getting a proper answer last time I asked. 

"Jo! Listen to what the man says!" I hear that low voice yell to me from the pit. Great. Dad. 

I sigh, unbuckling myself from the car. I send a dark glare to the starting man before sliding my body out the window. I look around at all the eyes that are on me. My father, who looks almost red in the face from anger. My brother Tommy who is sitting in his wheel chair, looking at me with a sympathetic gaze. The rest of the racers seeming annoyed, even through their helmets. 

"Go on! Show em!" The man hollers once again, finally reaching a nerve in me. I place my hands on my helmet gripping it tightly finally pulling it quickly off my head, letting my long wavy black hair fall from the headgear. I hear some of the audience gasp in shock at my reveal. 

"Get off of my track.." The man says through gritted teeth, "You know this race is for young men only."

I roll my eyes, resting my helmet against my hip, "You're right. I did know that, which is why I'm here. To show these boys what a real Racer looks like."
His eyes flickered with anger. "OUT!"

I flip my hair over my shoulder, walking away from my racing vehicle. As I walk I hear a few chuckles come from the other racers. I wish I could take those stupid chuckles and shove them down their throats. I watch my dad as I start to approach our teams pit. He looks at me with pure disappointment, making my stomach churn.
    "Dad listen..." I sigh once I'm in the pit. He puts his hand up signaling me to stop before he just walks away from me. Away from our - his team.

I hear the race start as I sit down on one of our spare tires laying around. "Jo..." Tommy says, wheeling his way over "You know he's only like that because he cares about you."

I sigh, "Yeah yeah, I know."

Tommy places his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly. "It will all work out Jo. I promise."

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