It All Started With a Dream

Having a dream can only go so far, it's the work you put into that dream that can take you all the way. That's the way Jo Matthews looks at things. With one dream hanging over her head twenty four seven. She wants to be a race car driver. Nothing can stop her from getting there. Even if it means tearing some people down in the process. Including one by the name of Harry Styles, new driver on the team. That's just the risk she's willing to take. But once Jo is forced to spend some time with Harry, do things start to be different? Will she actually find someone who supports her dream? Will she find love along the way? Follow along with her story, to see how she follows the one dream she's been after since a child.


6. Chapter 5:

Ch. 5


"Thanks..." I say to the cashier as I pay for my bottle of pop. He nods smiling taking my five and placing it in the register. My mind is still all jumbled up from earlier today. No matter how mean or rude I am to Harry he keeps trying to get closer with me. It's really starting to freak me out. I don't want him close to me. I don't want him around at all. I take the bottle and open twist open the lid. This summer is just getting more and more complicated as it goes on.

When I exit the convenience store I see a familiar person walk on the opposite side of the road. No, it can't be. I thought he left! He keeps walking down the road, his head down. I take that as my chance to cross the road and walk behind him. There's no way he stayed. He quit almost a month ago.

"Tony?" I ask out loud. He stops and turns around. It was him. It is Tony.

"Oh look who it is... It's the little life ruiner.." He says with a glare.

A smirk crosses my face, "I don't believe I know what you're talking about." Tony comes closer to me, now only a few inches away. Tony was our last driver before Harry. He was okay, but like always, I was far better. Honestly, I always thought he was a real jerk. He was one of the other racers who thought a woman had no place on the track.

"Don't even play dumb. You know what you did." His glare became ice cold. But I found it almost amusing at how angry he was with me.

"Like it matters. So what are you doing around here? I thought you went home?" I ask placing a hand on my hip.

"I did. But then I got offered another racing position on a different team. One way better than your dads." He shrugs. I roll my eyes, "No team is better than my dads."

Tony laughs almost evilly,"It is when you have no driver..."

Anger starts filling my body again. I hate Tony. Absolutely hate him. "Actually we have a new driver and he's going to kick your ass!", I say raising my head higher. As much as I dislike Harry, he was dads driver. Which means he had to be good.

"Oh really? Well I'd like to see him try..." Tony says with a smirk.

"You will! Three weeks! Race track! Be there!", I yell before turning to leave.

"Alright. Friday okay with you?" He says with that annoying cocky tone of his.


I storm away from that cocky bastard. He just gets me so mad, which is why I got him to quit. Once I get to the truck it finally sinks in. I just booked a race. My dads going to kill me! I hit my head against the car window, "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."

Harry isn't ready to take up a race with Tony! Sure Harry's good, but Tony has more experience!


I pulled the truck into the driveway, just staring at the house. I know I had to tell my dad what I did, but I also know he will flip out on me. Especially since Harry isn't ready. Then I see dad walk out of the front door. I guess I might as well tell him now.

I sigh, pulling the keys out of the ignition. The car instantly starts to become hot once the air is off. Just as I start to reach for the door handle my hand freezes. If he was mad at me before, then this will just be the icing on the cake.

Taking a deep breath I throw the door open and hop out, "Hey dad!"

His head shoots up with a smile, "Hi Jo! Where were you at?"

"Oh you know, just around the town.", I say with a fake smile. He nods opening the front door.

"Dad... Wait...", I say with a sigh.

He stops and looks at me concerned, "What's wrong?"

"I think we should talk...."




"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?", Dad screams for the third time. "I told you. Tony was being a dick." I say flatly, holding my head up with my hands.


"What?" Of course, Harry asks opening the door. He steps out looking at both of us confused from the yelling. "Go on Jo. Tell him what you did." Dad says gripping onto the table. His face was red from anger, which is understandable. I look up at Harry and smile. He just stares at me, waiting for me to talk.

I sigh, "Fine... I told Tony, our old driver, that you would kick his ass at a race. So you guys are due to race in three weeks at the track on a Friday..."

"What?!" He yells. I groan. Great another person to yell at me. "I'm sorry! He was being a dick and I told him you were a better driver than him..."

Harry's face lightens up, "You said I was better?" I roll my eyes, "Alright, no need to get all flattered. It just slipped out."

"Harry isn't ready for something like this though!" Dad yells rubbing his face.

"Maybe if he gets some training."

We all turn to see Tommy with a big smile on his face. "What are you talking about now?" Dad asks curiously. "If Harry gets the right kind of training, he can be better than Tony.." Tommy explains.

"And who do you expect to do that?" Dad asks with a slight tone of sarcasm.

"Jo of course!"

"What?!" My dad and I yell in unison. Harry starts smiling widely, obviously happy about this idea. My father on the other hand is completely against it. You can tell by the way he's standing. One hand balled into a fist and the other clamping onto the table. I'm just in the state of shock. Me? Coach Harry on the arts of racing properly?

"No! Absolutely no!" Dad yells angrily at Tommy. "Dad. I know you are worried about Jo, but this is the only way he'll be able to win. And you know that too..." Tommy says with a sincere look. Dad looks at all of us finally sighing, "Fine. Jo you and Harry start training tomorrow morning..."


"No. It's settled" he says cutting me off before walking back into the house.

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