It All Started With a Dream

Having a dream can only go so far, it's the work you put into that dream that can take you all the way. That's the way Jo Matthews looks at things. With one dream hanging over her head twenty four seven. She wants to be a race car driver. Nothing can stop her from getting there. Even if it means tearing some people down in the process. Including one by the name of Harry Styles, new driver on the team. That's just the risk she's willing to take. But once Jo is forced to spend some time with Harry, do things start to be different? Will she actually find someone who supports her dream? Will she find love along the way? Follow along with her story, to see how she follows the one dream she's been after since a child.


5. chapter 4:

Ch. 4


It's been two weeks since Harry has moved in with us. Two weeks to long. Like I have said, he seems like a really... Well different guy, but I'm not trying to make an social connections. I only want one thing.

"So, do you think he's the one?" Tommy asks. I look down at him. I'm standing on the front patio, watching dad talk to Harry. They have been almost inseparable from each other. I can't even remember my last full conversation with my dad.

"No. I don't." I say bitterly watching the two.

My gaze becomes a glare when I see Harry start laughing. Dad probably said something funny, one of his corny jokes I bet, making Harry laugh. It's not fair. Not only has he taken the spot I rightfully deserve, but now he's taken my dad.

Tommy sighs before rolling his chair in front of me, "Listen. I know you're really upset right now, but you're not seeing it."

"Seeing what? That Harry completely ruined this family? Or that he took what should've been mine? What am I not seeing exactly?" I say harshly. Tommy shakes his head, almost looking disappointed in me. Which makes my stomach drop.

"You just don't understand..." That's all he says before wheeling away from me.

Now Im left alone. Like I probably will stay. As the days go one people are leaving me left and right. Brandon, I haven't talked to him since the day at the track. Tommy... He probably hates me right now. Dad, well, he's with Harry. I'm alone.

I sigh going back into the small house. I climb up the stairs going into my bedroom, which is covered in all my band and car posters. Not a single space left for anything else on the walls. Then I spot a picture on my desk. I pick it up gently in my hands. It's a picture of us.

My dad, my mom, Tommy before his accident... And me. All smiling happily at the camera with our arms around each other. That's when everything was happy. When the racing team was at its best, when Tommy was our lead man. When dad was happy. When mom was still here.

But that's all over now. She left us for another man. I've learned to get over it. It doesn't even hurt anymore, nothing seems to hurt me anymore. With the walls I've built up around myself, nothing can get in to hurt me. This hard edge that I've kept myself in has seemed to help me. Made me stronger and tougher.

"What's wrong?"

I jump dropping the picture on the ground making the glass shatter on contact. I drop to my knees trying to pick the glass up without cutting my fingers. When I finally look in the direction of the voice, I glare when I see him standing there. Harry looks concerned, but I know he doesn't really care.

"Do you need help?" He asks stepping in.

"No! I don't need you or anyone's help!" I snap standing up from the ground, "I can handle myself!"

He puts his hands up in defense slowly backing away, "Alright. Calm down."

"No! I will not calm down! This is all your fault! Just... Just leave!" I yell clenching my hands into fists. Harry looks at the shattered picture on the floor before his eyes trail back up to mine.

"What's that?" He asks not moving from his spot in the doorway. I look back at the picture, my body filling with rage.

"Nothing! Why do you care anyways? Just leave!" I try to yell again. My gaze stays on the floor. I don't want to see the way he's probably looking at me. In disgust. Or anger. I don't want to see it.

Then in the corner of my eye I see him walk over and bend down starting to pick up the rest of the glass pieces. "You know, it's dangerous to pick glass up with your hands.." He says casually. What is he playing?

"What?" I ask completely confused. I just screamed at him.. Twice. If I did that to anyone else they would normally run away. Try to stay as far away from me as they could.

"You could cut your fingers you know?" He finishes, throwing all the glass in the trash can beside my bed. He looks up at me, looking right into my eyes, "You don't want something to stay so broken... So you have to pick it up. Even if it means getting some help. It's not good to leave it broken..."

For some reason, I don't think he's just talking about the picture frame.

"Uh... Well um.. Thanks... I guess" I stutter nervously. He nods with a small smile, getting up off the floor,

"No problem. By the way.. I like the posters..." He chuckles before exiting the room, leaving me standing there confused.

My hands fly up to my eyes, covering them. I'm so confused, nothing seems to be making sense anymore. Nothing. And he... He's not making it any easier for me. Maybe I should just get out of the house for a little bit, maybe that will help. Taking a deep breath, I leave my room. I hear the door down the hall close, which is Harry's room. I watch the closed door, making sure it stays that way. After a few seconds I started going back down the steps and out the front door. With my keys in hand I head to the old pick up truck.

Driving seems like the only think I know will stay the same. The one thing that can keep me sane. Even if it's the old truck.

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