It All Started With a Dream

Having a dream can only go so far, it's the work you put into that dream that can take you all the way. That's the way Jo Matthews looks at things. With one dream hanging over her head twenty four seven. She wants to be a race car driver. Nothing can stop her from getting there. Even if it means tearing some people down in the process. Including one by the name of Harry Styles, new driver on the team. That's just the risk she's willing to take. But once Jo is forced to spend some time with Harry, do things start to be different? Will she actually find someone who supports her dream? Will she find love along the way? Follow along with her story, to see how she follows the one dream she's been after since a child.


3. Chapter 2:

Ch. 2


It was a hot Saturday morning in the town. Everyone seemed to be out finding things to keep their mind occupied from the heat. I walk into the empty kitchen, doing my normal routine. Going to the old white cabinets, grabbing my box of cereal, and bowl. When I reach for my cereal I find that it's just a tad out of reach. So I grab the nearest wooden stool in an attempt to grab the box.

"Here, I got it." Harry said reaching over me, grabbing the package. His tall frame hovers over me as he brings the box down. "There you are."
   I take the box without saying a word and move the stool back over to the table. He leans back on the counter his hands slightly gripping the edge. I open the fridge taking out the small carton of milk still keeping my mouth shut. Normally when a new driver moves in with us, I don't open up much. For the first week or two that is. It's just a new stranger, which I should be used to by now. 

"So. Nice place you got here..." Harry says still leaning on the counter. I nod slightly acknowledging his comment. He takes a deep breath, I can tell he's not really sure what to do in circumstances such as these. I feel his eyes watching me as I eat my cereal. He has got to be the most awkward guest we have yet to have staying in our home. 

 "I see you two have met." My dad says walking into the kitchen practically saving me from that weird silence. "Harry, this is my daughter Jo. She's actually eighteen too.... But that doesn't give you the right to hook up with her."

I almost spit up milk all over the counter as he said that. I quickly swallow the food before coughing from shock. 

"What? Is that not what kids call it now and days?" My dad questions filling up his cup with coffee. "Dad... Please just.. Stop." I barely choke out. I can't believe he just said that. Harry is just standing there smiling, not really sure how to respond. Which is understandable. 
    My dad just laughs taking a sip of his freshly brewed coffee. I shake my head and say, "Dad where's Tommy?"
"Last time I saw him, he was out in the garage with Little Jess."
 "Again?" I question, because we were just out yesterday cleaning her up. He simply nods taking another sip. 

After placing my bowl in the sink, I leave the two in the kitchen heading out in search for Tommy. Just as dad said, there he was polishing up Little Jess in the garage. He had headphones in and seemed to be in his own little world. 

I walk up behind him and quickly pull out his headphones, "Hey stranger!" He jumps before laughing. "Why hello there" He says pushing his wheelchair away from the car so he's now facing me. I take a look at the freshly polished car. "What are you doing?" I ask running my hand against the shiny blue paint. He shrugs throwing the rag across the room, "Just thought she needed some touching up."

  I continue walking around the car, inspecting its seemingly flawless shell. "So how do you like the new kid?" Tommy asks. I roll my eyes letting out an annoyed sigh. "The same way I feel about all these idiots that come to stay with us..."
     Tommy shrugs, "He seems like an okay kid. Kind of like you..." I nearly laugh. Like me? How is that weird boy in the kitchen anything like me? "Well. The old you.." Tommy adds quietly. My heart nearly drops hearing him talk like that. I know I've changed, but it was only to help around this house. It only being Tommy, Dad, and I. 

"So. This is the famous garage Mr. Matthews was talking about?" Harry's voice echoes through the room. My eyes dart over in his direction as he stands in the doorway. Tommy turns his chair around and smiles extending his hand out, "Hey, nice to meet you man. I'm Tommy." 

 Harry smiles taking his hand happily, "Harry. It's an honor to meet the great Tommy Matthews." I walk over to the closet where we keep all the tools for the cars.

 "Oh so you've heard of me?" Tommy asks with a slight chuckle releasing Harry's hand. 

 "Who hasn't? You are a legend man."

  Tommy and Harry break off into their own conversation about Tommy's great past with racing. To me, it makes me feel terrible hearing Tommy talk about it. Knowing he'll never get to experience any of it ever again. I look through the metal closet for no apparent reason. Mainly just looking for an excuse to look busy. Listening to their conversation though, I can tell how much Harry enjoys being in the racing community. He seems to know what he's talking about. I know he thinks being on our team will probably make him more known. That's what they all think.

 "Well, I'm gonna go get something to eat. I'll leave you two to discuss..." I hear Tommy finally say. I turn around so fast I almost fall into the bucket next to me. 
"Tom-" I say before getting cut off. 

"See you guys later." He says before wheeling away. I sigh turning back around to the closet. I can tell Harry is just standing in the same spot. 

  "She's looking good.." Harry comments on Little Jess as he takes a few steps near the car. "Yeah I guess. All Tommy does is sit in here and fix her up." I say walking over closer to him and the car. Harry looks at me astonished, I guess at the fact I actually talked to him. He nods as I take the tool box, and open the hood up. I start checking the parts inside to make sure everything is functioning properly. 

 "You..?" Harry trails off. 

 "Yes, I know how to fix cars. I like cars. Yes I'm a Girl too. Whoa shocker right?" I say with the most sarcastic voice I could muster.

 I hear him chuckle from my side. He found that funny? Normally all the others would get all defensive that a girl would be doing these kind of things. Instead he actually leaned over the hood and started helping me out. What is with this guy?

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