It All Started With a Dream

Having a dream can only go so far, it's the work you put into that dream that can take you all the way. That's the way Jo Matthews looks at things. With one dream hanging over her head twenty four seven. She wants to be a race car driver. Nothing can stop her from getting there. Even if it means tearing some people down in the process. Including one by the name of Harry Styles, new driver on the team. That's just the risk she's willing to take. But once Jo is forced to spend some time with Harry, do things start to be different? Will she actually find someone who supports her dream? Will she find love along the way? Follow along with her story, to see how she follows the one dream she's been after since a child.


2. Chapter 1:

Ch: 1


"Jo, can you help me with this?" Tommy asks with sponge in hand. "Yeah, of course.." I smile walking over to the garage. I grab another sponge off the shelf, dipping it into the soapy water in the bucket. Tommy smiles, starting to scrub the hood of the car.

 One of my personal favorites, 'Little Jess'. I got the honor of naming her, because well.. I wasn't "bad" then. When dad used to actually trust me.

I walk to the back of the car, starting to scrub the dried mud off the blue paint. I watch Tommy clean happily. Tommy is my 20 year old brother, he used to be in the racing community. One of the best. Until his accident happened. None of us really like to discuss about what happened that day. It was a terrible day for everyone in our small town. 

  Ever since then, my dad has been looking for a new lead racer for our team. Tommy was our best. Dad is always on the look out for new drivers. He found a couple... But once they were trained something always happened that made them quit. That something may or may not have something to do with me.

 As we clean, a silver car pulls up into our stone driveway. My eyes watch the car carefully. "Dad looking again?" I asked dipping the sponge. Tommy looked over his shoulder at the car. "Probably. Considering Tony quit.." He said with a slight smirk at me. 
 "Hey! Don't blame me for him quitting!" I yell a little to defensively.

 He laughs, "I'm not... I'm not.."

I roll my eyes turning my attention back to the silver car. Both doors open at the same time. A man with peppery grey hair steps from out the drivers side, starting up to the house. My eyes stay focused on the one person who hasn't exited the car. Finally, two legs slide out, soon a full body. I watched the boy follow the man up the front porch. 

  "Tommy. I'll be right back." I say throwing the sponge in the bucket. "Alright. Just don't scare the fresh meat off already.." he jokes. I roll my eyes exiting the garage, heading up to the house.   

The door flies open revealing my dad. He has a white tee shirt on with his usual scruffy blue jeans. He welcomes the two men into our home. The younger of the two looks over in my direction, our eyes locking for a minute. He waves slightly before walking into our house. 

A new driver. A new challenge.



  I sit on the bottom stair listening to dad interviewing this kid in our living room. 

"Name?" My dad starts off.

"Harry. Harry Styles."

My age, well this just got a load more interesting. That's all I needed, so I ran back outside to finish helping Tommy wash Little Jess. I need to start thinking of ways to get rid of this driver, so finally dad could see my full potential.

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