Secretly Done, Secretly Loved

AraBella Reese Kennedy.....

She is nothing but trouble. Always stuffing her nose into something new. And isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't believe in anything, No one has ever given her a reason to. She's 18 and already on her own. Her parents kicked her out at age 15 because she was simply way to much to handle. She doesn't take pity or crap off anyone, and if they take pity for her... well she will shove it right back up their asses. Little did she know, one guy changed it all. That one guy just so happens to be none other than her English teacher.

Alexander Dylan Reid.....

He's a badass, just waiting for trouble to happen. He's never followed any rule. Never given a care... until now. When he takes up a teaching job at Hollows Ridge High, he finds its for the better, rather than the worse. Little did he know, one girl could change it all. That one girl just so happens to be one of his most hated students... not that he cared.


3. -Chapter Three- Why Are You Still Here?-

•AraBella Reese Kennedy •

When I woke up, I head a heavy feeling on my lap.

I looked down to see none other than Mr. Obnoxious' head laying on my lap.

I groaned, had I really fallen asleep like this? Rapidly, I pulled my phone from my pocket, seeing it was nearly midnight. Good God, Ara, what have you gotten yourself into? Your sexy new teachers already staying the night at your place and you barley know him.

 I pushed his head off my lap, making him fall to the floor. He landed with a loud 'thud.' He jolted awake just as I was walking outside for a smoke. Shortly after I had sat down on my porch swing, out came Mr. Obnoxious.

"Geez, you could have woken me up a different way." He said, rubbing his head.

"Oh quit your whining, I didn't push you off that hard." I say, putting my legs up against my chest.

"Yes you did." He said, sitting down beside me.

I just shurgged, taking the last puff of my cigarette.

"Don't you think you should be going?" I asked, pointing to the road.

"Nah, I'm good. I think I will stay here and annoy you some more." He said, winking at me.


 I rolled my eyes, getting up from the wwing.

"Hey, Ms. Smartass, where you going?" He asked.

"To make me some more coffee, Mr. Obnoxious." 

"Make me some too!" He said, not far from behind me.

"Sure." I mumbled.

"But after, off you go." I said, being completly serious. Boys are too messy. thats why I never have any boyfriends.

 "Aww, but why?"

"Because for one, you're annoying me. For two, you're my teachrer. For Three, You are way to messy for my liking. " I stated, pouring me some coffee.

He didn't respond, as if thinking about something. I went over, knocked him on the head and went up to my room.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door.

"What?" I called, throwing my laptop aside. I'm into writing books. A secret no one knows about me, not even Rachelle.

"It's me." I heard a velvety smooth voice say from the other side. I got up, swinging my door open.

"How did you find my room?" I asked, looking at an amused Mr. Obnoxious.

"Uh, Maybe because it says 'Arabella Reese' in big fat letter on your door?" He said, looking around in my massive bedroom.

"You sir, have got to go. I'm getting really sleepy, so you, bye bye." I said, yawning.

He just smirked, walking on into my room. He never gives up, does he? 

I just sat on my bed, knowing I wasn't going to get rid of him anytime soon.

I felt someone sit beside me on my bed, I looked over to see Mr. Obnoxious looking at what I was doing.

"What?" I asked, realizing I had my Wattpad account open.

"You write?" He asked, looking closer at the computer screen.

"Uh, no." I say, of course with him being an English  teacher, he's going to ask if he can help.

"Are you sure?" He said, getting even closer to my laptop.

"Don't you think you're close enough?" I asked, putting my laptop down. Then I got to thinking, maybe he writes too?

"D-Do you write?" I asked, all of the sudden feeling clammy. What happening to me? No one ever makes me nervous.

"Well, I am an English teacher." He said, grabbing my laptop.

I quickly grabbed it back, closing it.

"Why are you so defensive about it?" He askes, usually everyone shrugs it off.

"Why are you so observant?"

"Because thats who I am." He said fiddling with my pillows.

 I just huffed, opening my laptop, continuing what I was doing. I don't know why, but for some reason, I just knew I could trust him.

"I know you're first name, so why dont you ever ask mine?" Mr. Obnoxious asked.

"Because I don't call my teacher by their first names." I say. It was true, i never did. It was too weird for me.

"Well would your normal teacher be sitting on your bed.. in your house.. at midnight?" He asked, looking into my eyes.

I thought about it for a second.

"Well, No. I suppose not." I said, leaning back on my headboard.

"Exactly." He says. What was his point anyways? I just gave him a weird look and continued with my writing.

 "See, you do write." He said, peeking at it.

"No, stop looking." I say, turning his head with my hand.

"Fine. But when you're done, you better let me have a read." He said, turning over on his side, pulling out his phone.

"Nope." I said, taking my phone from my pocket, putting it on charge.

"Stop being so kept inside, Ms. Smartass." He says, rolloing over.

"Did I give you permission to lie in my bed?"

"My Point Exactly." He said, tossing his phone over to me.

"What is this for?" I asked.

"To put your number in. Duh." He said, grabbing mine from the charger.

"Hey!" I scolded.

"Hay is for horses." He said. I rolled my eyes, typing in my number anyways.

I handed his phone back to him, as he threw mine back at me.

"Hey! Be gentle!" I scolded, putting it back in my pocket.

"What? Your not even going to look at my contact picture?" He pouted, as I pulled out my phone.

I scrolled through my contacts, looking for Mr. Obnoxious.

I clicked on it, seeing a halirious picture of him appearing on the screen. I let out a laugh.

"It is quite funny." I stated, sliding my phone back in my pocket.

He rolled back over on my bed.

'So what? You're just going to sleep here too?" I asked, shaking him lightly. When he didn't answer, I got up, going over to his side of the bed. I laughed when I seen his face. he was sound asleep.

I grabbed a my phone and its charger, going to the bedroom next to mine, the guest room.

This was just crazy. I haven't even known this man for two days and he was already staying over? And to top all of it off, he was also my English Teacher. Wow.









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