Secretly Done, Secretly Loved

AraBella Reese Kennedy.....

She is nothing but trouble. Always stuffing her nose into something new. And isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't believe in anything, No one has ever given her a reason to. She's 18 and already on her own. Her parents kicked her out at age 15 because she was simply way to much to handle. She doesn't take pity or crap off anyone, and if they take pity for her... well she will shove it right back up their asses. Little did she know, one guy changed it all. That one guy just so happens to be none other than her English teacher.

Alexander Dylan Reid.....

He's a badass, just waiting for trouble to happen. He's never followed any rule. Never given a care... until now. When he takes up a teaching job at Hollows Ridge High, he finds its for the better, rather than the worse. Little did he know, one girl could change it all. That one girl just so happens to be one of his most hated students... not that he cared.


4. Chapter Four -Can You Please Give Me My Phone!?

-Arabella Reese Kennedy-

That bastard just poured ice cold water on me! I jolted up, ready to strangle him.

"You're not getting away with this!" I screeched, chasing after him.

'I'm sure I will." he laughed, running out my door.

"Thank you!" I yelled after him, lockiing the door behind him

Thank God! He Finally left.. That Pester Pot!

"Open the door! I left my phone in there!" Mr. Obnpoxious shouted from the other side.

"Nope." I said.

"I will bring it to you at school!" I say, leaving the door. I heard a faint huff. I smiled. Peace at last! I swear, i'm never getting another ride with him. But something tells me I will be getting more from him than I want. I made my way to the shower, stripping of my clothes. I let the warm water relax me, letting me wash away all of my bad thoughts.

I jumped out, drying my hair quickly with a towel, letting its natrual curls shine through. I got dressed in a pair of purple high waisted shorts, a black button up shirt paired with purple converse. I'm telling you, Converse are all I wear! I grabbed my school bag, Mine and Mr. Obnoxious' phones and went out the door.

"Hey Ara!" Rachelle called from behind me.

"Hey!" I shouted, stopping where I was.

Just then Mr. Obnoxious' phone rang. Rachelle looked at me confused.

"Aren't you ging to answer that?" She asked, pointing to my bag.

"Nah." I said, Rachelles my best friend, but boy does she have a mouth on her.

"Okay, Whatever." She said, flipping me off.

"What was that for?" I asked, pulling out my Cigarettes from my bag.

"I don't know." She shrugged. I laughed, handing her the pack of Cigarettes.

When we made it o school, I went straight for Mr. Obnoxious' class room.

"Here." I said, throwing his phone on his desk.

He looked at me funny.

"What?" I asked, giving him a shrug.

"I didn't tell you you could throw it on my desk." He says, grabbing it.

"I didn't tell you you had to be so rude." I said, making my way to my seat, Propping my feet up once again on his desk. I rolled my eyes.

He didn't say anything, just rolled his eyes back. Geez, to be a teacher, he sure was really rude. Rachelle sat beside me, eyeing me.

"What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at her. She laughed.

"It amazes me how you don't get in trouble for that." She said, pointing to my feet.

"I have my advantages." I winked.

I put my headphones in my ears as Mr. Obnoxiuos began to talk. I could still hear him though.

"Okay, so today we will be beginning our first lesson. so please pay attention." He said, looking dead at me.

I smirked at him, letting him know I could still hear him. I shut my eyes.

Next thing I knew, my headphones were being yanked from my ears.

I looked up to see Mr. Obnoxious.

'What?" I asked, folding my arms across my chest.

"No phones allowed, Ms. Kennedy." Mr. Obnoxious said.

"But, Mr. Reid, I dont even have my phone out." I say, pulling it from my pocket.

"Now you do. Hand it over." Mr. Obnoxious said, holding out his hand.

"Nope." I said, sliding it back in my pocket. He smirked at me, His hazxel eyes piercing into mine.

"Give it." he said in a lower voice. I swear, I got chillbumps.

"Nope." I say again, giving him a determined look.

"Hand It Over." He whispered, making me shiver.

"No." I said in the same tone. He put his hand on my desk. Geez, way to be obvious Mr. Obnoxious.

He reached into my pocket, pulling it out. Dang! Talk about a dang Dare Devil! I shivered at his touch.

He smirked, walking back to his desk.

I didn't know what to think, so instead I just sat there. Staring at those beautiful hazel eyes of his.

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