The Legend of Toon Link

I was debating whether this should go into the poetry category or the fan-fiction one...
I wrote this a while back for a task at school.


1. Toon Link

Large black eyes, yellow short hair

I wear green gear matching skin too fair

Whether I’m on land, the sea or riding tracks

Enemies of mine can never fight back

Because I’m hero in the land of toon

I’ll stop all those crazy, scheming goons

Just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m useless,

Though I must admit half the time I’m clueless

But believe me, I’m an expert at finding rupees and treasure

In my spare time I stab chickens for pleasure

With the help of my friends I can be on my way

Though sometimes I can’t trust what they always say

Like Linebeck, for instance, a sleazy sailor

Who I sometimes think needs to see a tailor

But don’t worry the Lokomos I can trust

Along with Anoukis, Gorons, anyone that’s just

For I must save the princess, through thick and thin

So long as she isn’t slicing and hacking at my skin

I’m Link of toon; I’m on the DS,

Play until the end to reach the series’ success!


A/N: Sorry it's a bit cheesy...

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