Andrea is just another one of those 16 year old teens. Except she's in a band named Smileys. Her band members are two of her closest friends, Betty and Nadia. When Andrea gets a long break from her music career she decides to go back to school. She went to the school that her cousin goes to. And what do ya know, her cousin and the band One Direction are having a rivalry in between them. She loves both her cousin nd One Direction, but which side will she go on?( Read more to find out! By the way, in this fanfic I pretend that One Direction is only 16 as well.)


2. The Beginning.

Andrea's P.O.V:

     I sigh in relief because it is the first time I actually get a break from my career... from everything. The paparazzi, the media, the rumors, and most of all my stupid and bossy manager named Monica. Ugh. >:(. Although I get a break, my mom insisted for me to go to school. I told her I could just be home schooled. But she said " I really want you to socialize with teenagers that aren't screaming fans. I even heard from your old friend Jessica that there are these five really nice and cute boy there;) *my mom nudges me*".

-First Day Of School-         


Ugh. I knew I had to wake up. Or else my mom would have a panic attack. I took a shower, washed my face and all the girl stuff. Since it was a really chilly fall day, I went for a more comfortable outfit. I didn't wanna go over the top. As I was putting on my accessories, I smelled bacon being cooked downstairs. It made me feel homy, and cozy. I smiled as I went down the stairs. As  soon as she heard me  she said "Heyy hun. How are you doing"? "I'm fine" I said. After breakfast I said bye to my mum. I got my house and car keys and put the house one in my bag. I drived to school in my  bright bright orange Lamborghini. As I walked out of my car, I can see from the corner of my eye that everyone was staring at me. I just smiled and walked confidently towards the office to register.              

Oufit:   and of course my ugly self.    ( not actually me, and she's not actually ugly I just said that to "emphasize" )                



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