Not The End

Hayley and Niall have been dating for three years but nobody knows. This couple has a big secret that management made them keep besides their relationship, their two beautiful twins. This couple has had their ups and downs but when it's time to come out, will they take the chance?


1. Welcome To My Life.

  This is my life, my story. 
My name is Hayley Rae. Heard of me? Not likely. You see, I bear a burden according to my boyfriend's band management people. You may know him though. His name is Niall, Niall Horan. It all clicked now, eh? You don't know me or about me because management dislikes me... A lot. All because of a first time, one time really, and bad protection. We had been dating for about a year then...

Well do you remember those long nine months that One Direction went into hiatus? Me neither. While I was in hell, my boyfriend was out partying and performing. He visited two times a week but the times when I really needed him, he wasn't there, but Louis was always there for me. He's like the older brother that I'd always wanted.

In the end I actually ended up having fraternal twins. A girl and a boy, the boy was older by a minute and a half. The little boy, Gregory James Horan we named him, had emerald green eyes like me with little whisps of brown hair and a light dusting of freckles. He looked just like me! The little girl, Adeline Love Horan, had almost clear whisps of blonde hair and striking crystal eyes with a chin dimple when she giggled.

You may think this is the perfect life, a loving boyfriend, two beautiful kids, four babysitters, and a bunch of mothers just a phone call away. But, no. I hate to burst your bubble but this isn't the perfect life. There may not even be any happy endings. Being a mother at 19 and dating an international, super sexy, fun-loving Irish superstar isn't what it should be.

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