Not The End

Hayley and Niall have been dating for three years but nobody knows. This couple has a big secret that management made them keep besides their relationship, their two beautiful twins. This couple has had their ups and downs but when it's time to come out, will they take the chance?


2. National Hug Hayley Day.

I sat up slowly, my head throbbing. I had fallen asleep last night with a massive headache and ended up leaving the twins with my friend who stayed the night in the guest room. I trudged toward the bathroom, glancing at the clock on my way. 5:06. The twins would be awake in an hour or so. I stepped in the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the small vanity mirror. Smudged mascara lined under my eyes and my cheeks were flushed.

 I sighed turning the knob for the shower and waited as the water heated up. I began stripping off my clothes slowly, stepping behind the shower curtain. The steam felt like a warm caress and I slowly felt myself relax.

~Ten Minutes Later~

I stepped out pulling a towel over me. Outside of the bathroom I could hear noises. I smiled, realizing Niall was home and hurriedly pulled on my black "distressed" jeans, a hot pink shirt that says "Swag" that Harry got me, some hot pink high tops, and I quickly blow-dried my hair into straightness. Sliding on my hot pink beanie I walked out and noticed Niall asleep on the bed. I laughed and walked up to him quietly and slowly kissed his lips. His eyes fluttered open and he smiles.

"Hayley!!" I hear Louis shout as he walks in. "Why is there some strange girl in my bed?" "That's Eleanor. She was taking care of the kids for me." Niall sits up, blinking. "What? You usually don't have someone watch them unless something happened?" I shake my head. "Just a headache. I wasn't feeling well." He nods in understanding and hugs me.

"Um, I'd hate to ruin the moment but I don't believe I got my hug." Louis says making me giggle. "I'll give you one in a second, Lou." Niall says, rolling his eyes. Louis looks horrified. "I meant Hay-Hay! I've already gotten my Horan Hug for the day." I laugh and hug Louis then I kiss Niall's cheek and walk out to get Greg and Addie. I bump into Liam on the way out and he chuckles. "Can't seem to get enough of me, love?" I roll my eyes and gently smack his arm. "No Hug for Daddy Direction?" he asks with a mock astonished face. I smile and hug him then walk into the Twin's room.

Harry was smiling down at Addie as she reached up for him. "She really seems to like you, Haz." I say, smiling. He smiles cheekily and turns to hugs me. "Is today national 'Hug Hayley Day' or something?" I ask, laughing. He shrugs and gently picks up Addie. I go toward Greg and see him playing with his toes. Zayn runs and pushes me aside. "I call Greggy duty!" He says, picking him up. I roll my eyes. "I guess you can pick up Greg's 'dootie' too." Zayn smirks. "That was such a bad pun." I laugh and nod in agreement hugging him quickly and walking back to Niall and my room.

I walk in and I see Niall and Louis bickering about whether or not the Horan Hug counted for the day. "Louis. Is Eleanor still in your bed?" His eyes widen and he runs out. "Good thinking, Hay." Niall says giving his cute laugh. I smile and kiss him again. "I missed you! How was the tour?" I asked and he sighed sitting down on the bed.

"I need to tell you something." He mumbled and I could feel my facial expression change as a million different scenarios ran through my head.

"What is it?..." I ask worriedly. "I....."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cliff Hanger.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

cx I tried to make it long. :D Comment and guess what it is? :)

Also if someone wants to coauthor with me, let me know. :)


P.S. This is her outfit: minus the jewelry, bag, and sunglasses. That comes later. :)


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