Not The End

Hayley and Niall have been dating for three years but nobody knows. This couple has a big secret that management made them keep besides their relationship, their two beautiful twins. This couple has had their ups and downs but when it's time to come out, will they take the chance?


3. I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly ;)

I walk in and I see Niall and Louis bickering about whether or not the Horan Hug counted for the day. "Louis. Is Eleanor still in your bed?" His eyes widen and he runs out. "Good thinking, Hay." Niall says giving his cute laugh. I smile and kiss him again. "I missed you! How was the tour?" I asked and he sighed sitting down on the bed.

"I need to tell you something." He mumbled and I could feel my facial expression change as a million different scenarios ran through my head.

"What is it?..." I ask worriedly. "I....."


"I... Well... Management is asking for us to have girlfriends to build popularity. And tomorrow there are going to be rumored suspicions about Demi Lovato and I."

I blinked a few times trying to understand. I slowly let out a breath that I never realized I was holding in and slowly I let out a laugh.

"You're okay with this?" he asks, taken aback.

"Well, yeah. This is 10 times better than what I actually thought would happen but as long as its to build your popularity, that's fine." He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Harry and Taylor Swift are supposed to be together, if you haven't heard already." I nodded.

"Oh, I've heard. Its all over the place." He laughs.

"C'mon. I think Harold is making breakfast." He says pulling me up. I nod and skip behind him.

"You are so childish." Liam notes walking out of his room.

"I know you love me, I know you care" I sing in a high pitched voice walking backwards. He rolls his eyes and Niall laughs. "I know I love you." he says, kissing my cheek. I grin up at him and step into the living room.

"Zayn... Why is my Son's face plastered in more makeup than Harry wears?..." Harry looked at me, gasping with mock hurt written across his face. Niall was staring at Greg like he didn't know what to do.

"He got into Harry's supply while we roamed around." Again, Harry gasped and Niall finally laughed.

"I suppose you're going to say its Taylor's stash of makeup?" Niall asked, smirking. Liam walked in and stood between us all, not noticing Greg's face.

"Boys, boys. There's enough makeup to go around. Harry knows how to share." I shook my head at him. "Greg doesn't seem to think so." Liam looked confused as her turned and bursted into laughter.

I didn't realize Niall was taking a picture until my phone beeped. I looked at it and the twitter post said

@NiallOfficial: [Picture of Greg here.] Looks like Harry decided to share some makeup with this little cutie.

I laughed and tweeted him back.

((((I just made up a twitter name for her...))))

@GeorgiaRoseOfficial: @NiallOfficial He's a keeper. ;)

My phone beeped again.

@NiallOfficial: @GeorgiaRoseOfficial Just like his mother. ;)

@Harry_Styles: @GeorgiaRoseOfficial @NiallOfficial You people disgust me. ;)

@GeorgiaRoseOfficial: @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles He's just jelly.


@NiallOfficial: @Harry_Styles She Told You. ;)

I laughed and locked my once some fans started tweeting me questions.

"So, you really think I'm not ready for your jelly?" Harry asked with a wink. I laughed as Niall rolled his eyes.

"Gimme my baby chil'!" I yelled, picking up Greggy. "C'mon lets go wash Harrys gookie shtuff off your face." I stated, planting kisses on his eyelids. He giggled cutely as we walked to the bathroom.

Niall's POV~~

I looked at the boys. I'm not sure if I should tell them. I shook my head.

"Guys... Would you guys be okay if I talked to Management about coming out about Hayley and I?" The guys gave me crazy looks. "Why wouldn't we be okay?! I love those three!" Zayn yelled with the other three nodding in agreement.

I grinned and jumped up and down, kissing Zayn's forehead.

"Yay!" I head a small voice squeak. My heart stopped as we all turned and looked at my daughter. "What?" I whispered, blinking.

"Yay" She said, her big eyes looking up at us. A grin spread on my face.

"HAYLEY COME HERE PRONTO!" Louis yelled as I kneeled in from of Addie.

"Repeat that, Ad?" I asked still smiling. I pulled out my phone and recorded her saying a chorus of 'yay's. Hayley bent down next to me, her face shocked. Tears began streaming don her face and all the boys were grinning.

"Her first words!!!" Harry screamed, dancing around. Hayley hugged me tightly and we planted kisses all over Addie's face. 

I couldn't help it. I took a video of her saying Yay and clapping and I decided now was my chance. My heart pounded as I realized how much trouble I'd be in. I didn't care. This was my family now.

I posted the short video on Vine and Tweeted the link on twitter.

Liam's eyes widened as he read aloud;

"At Niall Official, [@NiallOfficial] The proudest daddy in the world right now."

Everyone stared at me in shock. Slowly a smile crept along Hayley's face as she jumped into my arms. My phone began blowing up with tweets and messages and calls.

I was in deep shit now, but I don't care.



Ermehgerd! Management! Crazed Fans!

I think Niall loves his family though. cx Poor Demi. hahahahah >:)

lol jkjk I love Demi Loato, so so much. :)

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