1D Imagines

This is a movellas were if you want, you can just comment, and I will make you a imagine on ANY 1D boy you would like :) Just comment You name and which 1D boy and I will make it. Make sure to tell me if yo want it dirty or not I will make (clean) and (smut) versions :)


3. imagine for Jackie1D4eva with Niall(clean)

 You were so exited, today was yours and Niall's 4 year anniversary. You guys were going out to eat at Nandos because it was your first date there, and Niall said that this night was going to be special. You got all dressed up in a casual dinner date dress.

 Niall came out dressed in fancy clothes and you raised your eye brows at him.

 "What never seen a guy in a suit?" You giggled at him.

 "Ya I have just not YOU in a suit." He laughed at you then took your hand walking out the door.

 He drove you out to Nandos and it looked clothes.

 "Are you sure they are open?" He nodded his head but you were not so sure. When he got there it was open and you followed him in."Niall should we be here? it looks empty."

 "Yes Jackie! trust me." He took you to a back room were there was a fancy table set up and there was a waitress waiting for you guys. He sat you down and caressed hands with you.

 "Niall this is so beautiful I can't believe you did all this, you must of gone through so much!" He was blushing and you just laughed, you thought it was adorable when he blushed.

"Can I get you anything?" The waitress came up asking, me and Niall both ordered the same thing, we have the same thing in common when it comes to food.

  After eating Niall scooted his chair over next to you and he lifted your chin up to him looking you in the eyes.

 "I love you Jackie." You smiled at him.

 "I love you too Niall." You blushed and he blushed too and then he stood up.

 "I sure hope you love me because.." He got one knee and you were shocked. You covered your mouth and started crying tears of joy."Will you marry me?" You nodded quickly and he jumped up holding you into his arms. He kissed you passionately then slid the ring on your finger, You are the soon to be Mrs.Horan

A/N: That was for Jackie1D4eva hope you liked it Jackie :)

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