1D Imagines

This is a movellas were if you want, you can just comment, and I will make you a imagine on ANY 1D boy you would like :) Just comment You name and which 1D boy and I will make it. Make sure to tell me if yo want it dirty or not I will make (clean) and (smut) versions :)


4. Imagine for EmaBow With Harry(Clean)

 You were getting ready for school, it was your first day back and you were super nervous. You went down stairs grabbing a banana heading to the door.

 "Have a good first day back to school!"Your mom shouted to you from the door.

"I will see you later love you!" You shouted back rushing through the door.

 You got to the school and felt like everyone was watching you. There was on group, All the popular seniors were in it, and your only a Junior. They all starred at you mumbling things under their breathes and laughing at you.

 You sucked it up and rushed to class. In class you saw your best friend Marie.

 "Hey Emily!!" She ran to you hugging you tightly.

"MARIE I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" The teacher instructed you to sit down.

 After about 15 minutes you asked to use the bathroom. As you were walking on your way you felt someone snatch you pulling you into an empty janitors closet and pinned you against the wall, It was Harry.

 "Stop moving! calm down its just me!" He looked pissed but when you stopped moving and just gave him eye contact he smirked at you and bit his lip. "You are such a cute little innocent Junior." He put his body closer to you. "I ca change that" You started mugging him. "I have been watching you, and you are not like the girls I usually go for but, I just felt like I have to have you." He kept smirking and biting his lips looking at you.

 He finally ended up leaning in kissing your lips. His lips were so soft and kissable. You deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck, you guys ended up making out but he put his hands on your waist.

 "Hey, I might kiss first but I don't go that far this soon." He winked at you then took your hand. "Let me get you to your little junior class." He teased.

 "haha shutup!" You playfully hit him as he walked you to the classroom.

"O so you do talk?" He teased again and you just giggled seeing the classroom but before you could open it he snatched you in his arms for a hug and whispered in your ear.

 "Your mine now." You bit your lip  and got out his arms walking to the door. 

A/N: Hey I hope you liked it Emily, let me know what you thought of it ^.^ for the others, I am trying my best to get all imagines done, they will be published soon.

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