1D Imagines

This is a movellas were if you want, you can just comment, and I will make you a imagine on ANY 1D boy you would like :) Just comment You name and which 1D boy and I will make it. Make sure to tell me if yo want it dirty or not I will make (clean) and (smut) versions :)


2. Imagine for Becca Lee with Niall(clean)

  *Your P.O.V.* 

 I was in my room listening to music, my favorite song was on and I was dancing around to it. My phone was cut off by a text. I unlocked my screen and viewed it.

  From: Niall:

         Nice Dance moves ;) Xx

  I ran to my window seeing Niall standing out there in the cold dark. He was looking up at me smiling big at me. I ran downstairs to my door unlocking it. Niall was standing there with a huge grin across his face.

  "Hey beautiful." He leaned in kissing me passionately. I loved the taste of his lips, I loved his kisses. I loved Niall. He pulled from my kiss then leaned in again whispering into my ear. "I am taking you out tonight. He wrapped his arms around me waist holding me close.

 "Niall my parents are out of town I am suppose to be watching the house I am not allowed to go anywhere." He gave me the poutty face and I gigled and took his hand leading him into the house. "They also said I can't have anyone over but you are worth one rule breaker right?" I winked at him and he blushed at me closing the door behind him.

  "Ok, but I am making us dinner ok babe" I nodded and went into the kitchen.

 "Only if I can help!" He chuckled and came into the kitchen. We were going to make spaghetti. He was boiling the noddles and I was making the sauce. As I was cutting the vegetables he came up behind me wrapping his arms tight around me and started kissing my neck. I turned my head and pecked his lips.

  After dinner was done and served we were sitting across from each other. He caressed hands with me.

 "Becca, I have something to tell you." I smiled at him comfortably nodding my head at him.

 "Of course, you can tell my anything Niall."He let out deep breathes and I felt worried, because he seemed nervous.

 "We have been dating for a year now and I have never been so happy with any girl. Becca, I love you." He said the three words I have always wanted him to say to me because I felt the same way.

 I smiled at him and my eyes got watery. "I love you too." He blushed and came over and hugged me tightly.

 "I know we are still young so I do not want to rush things but I am hoping that one day I can call you my wife and my child will call you mom." I leaned in kissing him passionately and we spend the rest of the night watching romantic movies.

 A/N: Ok that was for Becca Lee, Becca I hope you liked it! Sorry if I am bad haha but yep enjoy and thanks for reading Xx

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