Never be the same again

Niall is straight, straight as he'll ever be, but will harry put up with the pain of knowing niall will never love him.


5. Good So Far

Good so far

Chapter 1: I love you


Niall's P.O.V

I saw Harry sat there with beautiful hair and a kind smile, he sat in my chair in my room like he owned me, and he did, I love Harry and I always will. "What are we gunna do today Harry?"

"I guess we go shopping and then come back for dinner, I'll cook babe"

Harry always calls me babe, it always put me off before when people said that, but Harry has the exception. Me and Harry get on so well with watch other and have a lot in common, but there's just one thing that's bugging me, I think I love him more than he loves me, and I used to be straight... Is that possible?



Niall's POV

"Do you want me to buy you anything Harry?"

"Well I do like those jeans but I don't want you to buy me anything I'll buy them myself"

"No, I will"

I picked up the jeans for him and took them to the counter and paid. I didn't want anything so me and Harry walked out holding hands and I was carrying his bag of jeans, they cost £75 but I didn't care I loved him.

When we got out of the store, Harry looked at me with that smile of his and picked me up by the waist and twirled me around and slowly kissed me whilst having his hands on my bum, I liked every second of it. A man was walking past whilst Harry was doing this and he just laughed and said 'huh gayyyy' but we didn't care we just wanted to go home and have fun.

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