Never be the same again

Niall is straight, straight as he'll ever be, but will harry put up with the pain of knowing niall will never love him.


7. Chapter Finale (Part Two) ... But Do I Still Love Him?

But do I still love him?


Niall's POV

Today I am supposed to go and stay round my parents house but I want Harry to think I am and come in the house without him expecting it and prose to him, this was one of my best ideas I'd ever had!


"Yeah Niall?"

"I'm going to stay at my parents tonight so make sure you look after the apartment and don't go out, ok?"

"OK, I promise"

Remember when I told you that I thought I loved Harry more than he loved me, I'm starting to feel it everyday more and more. This is why I want him to be my husband because he will be mine forever.

"Good, I love you babe"

"Love ya too, hehe"

I went upstairs with a smile to get my bags and the ring but when I came down all Harry was doing was slouching around in the chair when there was a lot of chores to do, I usually do them but I want Harry to start now.

"Harry can you wash up the dishes please when I'm gone?!"

"Ugh, ok"

"Thank you bye!"

"Bye babe"

Harry's POV

I thought about what Niall said to do the dishes and so I went over to the kitchen and started to put them in the sink, but then I got a text on my phone so I went over to my room and looked at the screen and it said...

'Hey, it's Justin u up for a little fun 2night?;)'

Why does this guy keep texting me?! Although I think he's hot I cant cheat on Niall, it would break his heart. I haven't had any sexual action a lot lately, but I couldn't text back.

I carried on with the dishes and I put them away and when I came back to my phone he had sent me 8 text messages, the latest one said...

'Hey, can I come over I'll be five minutes if I can?'

I texted back yes... What have I done?!


I answered the door and there he was, in a really smart suit with the biggest smile on his face and I small box in his hand, it was Niall. Shit, what do I do now, Justin will be here any second!

"Hey babe, there's some things if need to tell you, I haven't always seen anything bad in our relationship going on so this is the perfect time to tell you that I love you, more than anything thing in this world! Except for food though I like that!"

I giggled and had a smile on my face I had no idea what he was doing but it was cheesy and cute and all I can think of though is that Justin will be here soon

Niall knelt down and grabbed this box out of his pocket at this moment I kind of sensed what was going on.

"Harry... Will you marry me?"

Yep I knew it this is what I've wanted all along and now everything is going to be ruined

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