More Than Friends


Justin and Isabel were best friends. They have known each other for a while and were very close. One summer things changed. They begin to catch feelings for each other. From there things get interesting read to find out more...


2. Awaiting Justin

Isabel's pov:



I was waiting for Justin to pick up his phone. It rang, and rang, then he answered.


  Justin: Hey Isabel! What's up?


  " Hey Justin, watcha doin?"


  Justin: You know just eating some sour patch kids and chilling at a hotel before I start my show tonight.


  " Cool, so where are you performing?"


  Justin: Well this is the last show of the tour so umm... Miami I think? " Oooh sounds like fun! Well I know you will kill it tonight!"


  Justin: Thanks Isabel, just gotta BELIEVE I will. Eh? Eh? Like my album. You get it?


  " You need to work on jokes. Haha!"


  Justin: Ok, ok. I thought it was funny. So your just boring!


  " No I'm not! So when will you get here? "


  Justin: Well after I fly out from Miami I guess I'll go straight to your place.


  " Ok Justin, see you soon bye!"


  After I hung up I couldn't help but smile. He's so funny. Finally I see him again! I think I saw him last summer! We have kept in touch by video chatting. But I haven't seen him in person. I heard my mom calling me...


  Mom: Come downstairs your sandwich is ready!!


  I went downstairs and grabbed my plate. " Thanks mom! "


  Mom: Your welcome! Enjoy it.


  As I was about to take a bite, my phone rang. Priscilla was calling, I picked up the phone...


  "Hey Priscilla."


  Priscilla: Hey girl I'm coming over and Im bring pj's and a bathing suit! So I'm gonna sleep over. Thats okay right?


  " Yah, it's cool. Alrighty then, bring some movies and some snacks while your at it."


  Priscilla: Ok, I'll be there soon. Bye!


  Mom: Priscilla?


  "Yup, she's gonna spend the night."


  Mom: Oh ok. Well I'm gonna get some groceries so I guess I'll see you both soon.


  " Bring me some Sour Patch Kids please! Oh, and some sherbet ice cream too!"


  Mom: Okay. Don't eat so much sugar cause last time you and Priscilla were so hyper.


  We both laughed as she walked out the door. Then I began to play with my dog Chiquita as she came next to me. I scratched her head  " This is gonna be a fun summer isn't it girl? " I said to her.


  Justin's POV:


I just finished playing some NBA 2k12 with Fredo and Scooter. Then I hopped in the shower real quick to freshen up. Damn Miami sure is hot! I was excited for the show and my adrenaline was pumped up. I sang the lyrics to Boyfriend in the shower. " If I was your boyfriend I'd never key you go." I rinsed the shampoo out my hair and then grabbed my towel. I'm not just excited for my show, but I'm excited to see Isabel again. I've spent time with Chaz, Ryan, and Nolen. But I haven't spent much time with her. Man do I miss her! She's always there to talk, and she makes me laugh with her craziness. I put some clothes on that look good for the M&G before the show. I grabbed my new Swaggy Nikes and a hat. Scooter was calling me.


  " Ready to leave soon kid, it's almost time for your M&G."


  "Yah Im ready"


  I checked the time  ' 5:30' It starts at 6:00 so I gotta go. I walked out the room following Scooter as he gave me a gesture signaling we were leaving.


  Isabel's  POV:


3 hours later...


   I've been talking with Priscilla for a while and then we started watching a movie.


  "Don't you just love the movie Mean Girls?" I asked Priscilla.


  Priscilla: Yes! It's so frekin funny.


  After the movie ended we painted our nails then talked some more.


  Priscilla: So when is Justin coming?


" He said as soon as he flies from Miami."


Priscilla: Cool, I talked to Rebecca today and she was trying to find out if we're gonna chill with Justin.




"Probably cause  she wants to talk to him. You know a lot of girls just talk to us to try to meet Justin."




Priscilla: Well at least we go to a small private school, because we're celebrity's thanks to Justin. Everyone would bug us more if we weren't in private school.


"I know, well no one knows he's gonna chill with me and you for a bit, so I guess we're good."


  After talking and eating ice cream we went to sleep around 3:30am. I was excited about seeing Justin and had a lot of sweets so I went to bed late. Tomorrow will be great...

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