More Than Friends

Justin and Isabel were best friends. They have known each other for a while and were very close. One summer things changed. They begin to catch feelings for each other. From there things get interesting read to find out more...


1. Excitment

Isabel's POV:


I was so happy school was finally ending. I would miss all my friends during summer, but I would also get to see a very special friend of mine. Justin. Now that he's traveling on tours, having interviews left and right, we don't see each other too often. But I'm so excited for this summer, more excited than I have been in a while.

At school...

Priscilla: Hey Isabel! Boy is it hot! I
did NOT enjoy P.E. in this heat! At least we get to go home now.
*note Priscilla is Isabel's  girl best friend

"I know! I'm just glad this is almost over! Then let the swimming and ice cream time begin!"

Priscilla: Yah, not to mention leaving this school, and teachers for a couple of months.

"Yup, can you believe we are seniors soon? "

Priscilla: It's pretty crazy. So what are your plans for summer?

"Well spending time with family, usual summer stuff"

Priscilla: Didn't you say you were hanging out with Justin? You have been counting down the days for a month now

" Yes!! I'm so excited!"

Priscilla: Mmmhm and you're not excited to hang with me?

We both laughed .

"I'm looking forward to spend time with you too Priscilla!"

Priscilla: Sure, I know why your excited to hang out with Justin

She smirked as she said that.

"Why? Cause he's my friend of course."

Priscilla: No you like him. Ooooh!

She poked my stomach and giggled.

"No! He's my best friend."

Priscilla: Oh c'mon! I've been in your class with you guys since the 5th grade and you always had something special!

" Yah, a special friendship!"

Priscilla: Yah, yah, yah!

"What-Ever!? We're just friends."

Priscilla: Well bye my mom is here
finally! See you later girl!

I waved at Priscilla and began to walk home. After a quick 7minutes or so I opened the house door with my key.

Mom: Hey sweetie! How was your day?

" It was fine. I'm really hot though!"

Mom: Tell me about it, I feel like I'm in an oven!

" We'll I'm turning the cool air on."

Mom: okay I'm making sandwiches, so you can get some soon sweetie.

I walked up to my room and threw myself on my bed. Then I just began to think about what Priscilla said and laughed. She's crazy! I wonder what Justin was doing now? I picked up my phone and called Justin.

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