Adopted by 1D

Kira is 14, she has been in adoption center since she was 2.Her birth dad is in jail because he killed her mom and abused her.One day 9-14 girl get called down and her favorite band is there.Will she be the one to be adopted


4. shopping

Liam P.O.V:

i went to the apple store and got kira a Iphone 5 with blue and black on it.I decided that i wanted to get her an laptop to so i got a blue laptop with a black strike going across it.I left and went to a cover store and got a blue cover with black pillows.when i was done i went to go kira and the lads.i found them at the food court.when i got to the table i seen that zayn was mad for some reason.

"what wrong zayn"i asked

"Perri broke up with me"zayn answered

"and why is this"i asked

"remember when my was here last week" he said

"yeah what does that have to do with that" i asked

he gave me a look that said guest.i thought about for a minute then said

"so she thought you were cheating her with Jessica"i said

"great thinking sherlock"he said sarcastically

"did you tell her it was your sister" i asked

"she wouldn`t let me"he said sadly

after a few moments kira and the lads came back from ordering the food we ate and went to go get new clothes,shoes,and girly things for her.

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