The Last Of Them

In an unknown city in the United Kingdom, a man lives by himself in an ancient, scenic city. An ancient, scenic city decimated by a fungal infection which has destroyed humanity as he knows it.

In the man's past is trauma and horror. The loss of family and friends and everyone he could ever think of meeting. Yet more importantly, in his past is the secret to where the world-ending Cordyceps fungus originated.


8. VIII.

Driving his car through the city, occasionally avoiding groups of infected people, Neville remembers something else he read in a scientific magazine when he was younger.

He read that when a human being speaks to and spends time with another, he or she's mind works into a frenzy. A frenzy remembering intonation, body language, facial expression, vocabulary.

He read that the human brain recreates the person's personality in its own mind. The more time you spend with someone, the more they exist in your mind as themselves. The more you mind can, and wants to, simulate their personality. 

After six hours of driving, Neville Mason decides that Bronwyn Mason and his friends whose house he has lived in for several years, still exist in his mind. He doesn't need memory maps. He doesn't need to blank the memory of what happened and live through menial recalled conversations. They still exist, as alive as he is, in the most powerful recording device he has. Himself. His own brain. 

Sixteen seasons and six hours later, Neville Mason leaves the city by the Southern bypass. The fuel will last several more hours, cars are in abundance, and he has a siphoning tube in his car boot. 

The mountain, the castle, the old town, fade from view in his rearview mirror. 

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