Three worlds

something pretty old, found between some papers :)


1. Three words

there’s been only one time

when I said I love you to anyone

December 21st  2009

in the middle of a stormy night

he didn’t take it well though

so I laughed to cover the pain

and even more desperately the shame

but few hours later

he said it back

just like that

I took that for a sign

that everything will be alright

I was the happiest girl on earth

in love with my best friend


as time went by

nothing seemed to change

we were as happy as that first day

but then one day

it all ended

nothing has been said

nothing has been done

but all of a sudden

out of the blue

there was no us

just me and you


as the years went by

I still haven’t forgiven myself

for what I had done

ruined a friendship

in the blink of an eye

by just 3 words

 3 syllables

 8 letters

commonly worshiped

by thousands each day

I have blamed him since

for not explaining why

it might have been easier

for me than to replay

that history over and over

in my head

‘cause each time it just ends the same

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