One Direction Imagines

A/N: I have never wrote on movellas before so wish me luck!!!


1. Niall Imagine (Too Young For You, But I would Do Anything)

Nialls P.O.V
This girl is everything I could ever want. She is perfect! The only thing is I am turning 20 in September. She is sort of 12. :/ She is like my best friend. WE never made it a big deal that I am famous and she is young. I doubt she likes me though. But, I don't know how to say I am goi
(Y/N)'s P.O.V
ng on tour. She will never forgive me.
I cannot believe I am best friends with Niall James Horan. Yet he doesn't know i am DEEPLY in love with him... I know what your thinking. Blah blah blah. He is too young for you. Don't you see I know that. I am 12!!! He is 19!!! But, he respects me in everyway possible.

*****4 Days Before Tour*****

Niall P.O.V
I have to break the news to her. I have a bad feeling about this. I missed 2 concerts last tour just to spend time with her. So i can't just say it yet. Maybe we can hang out and I will text her.


To: Emily :D

Hey, do you want to hang out today and maybe see a movie?


I felt wrong to tell her in person. But, it was the only way.


From: Emily :D

Sure. In an hour?


I replied yes and thought... how was I going to do this.




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