Everything Has Changed- One Direction Fanfiction

There is two popular groups at North Winter High School. They've competed with each other in everything and they've never liked each other, due to the fact that they're all different. New girl Acacia happens to get one of the boys in her rivalry group to like her. How will that work out? And will it work?


2. First Day- Part 2


        "This is Penelope, Ethan, Noah, and Luke." They all greeted me, and they seemed really cool. Yet, I could be wrong. "I'm Noah. Or you can call m-" "Shut it Noah! We are going to call you Noah, and Noah only." I giggled, I think i'm going to get along great with them. 

        "Sofia, I've told you already. No matter how many more people you add to your group, mine is much more better than yours" I looked behind me and saw a group of girls with their boyfriends. They all looked snotty and mean. Oh I know what clique they are, they popular. Shit. That means i'm going to be involved with drama until I finish school. Not again!

        "Oh shut up Emily, Acacia is better than you" What? Why bring me into this? I didn't do anything!! I saw the boy Emily was with, chuckle a little. He's actually kind of cute... "As if. Her name sounds like a disease, and she still dresses like a four year old." You fucki- "I think she dresses cool." The boy who had chuckled a few seconds ago, spoke up...and defended me. "Thanks.." Emily shook her head, "You're stupid Niall." So his name is Niall.. 
        "I'm sorry about that. That's Emily, and the boy beside her is her boyfriend is Niall. He's Irish, so he's automatically a jerk-" "But i'm Irish" Luke said while faking an Irish accent, which sucked. He's a dork. "Shut up Luke, you're Italian." Noah replied back. "Anyway, Dallas is actually pretty cool. Her boyfriend is Harry, and he's SUCH a hottie...b-but that's not the point. Taylor is the nicest out of all of them, but she still has her moments. She's dating Liam, he doesn't really do anything. And the last one...Candice." "Did you mean the devil?" Ethan blurted out. I smiled and looked back at Sofia. "That's probably her middle name. But she's the biggest bitch in history! Like..I don't even know?! Her boyfriend is Zayn, which I shouldn't talk about because someone in this table HATES him." Sofia looked immediately at Luke, and Luke smiled. "I beat him up three times..." he said proudly. "Ac-" "Lunch is over! Head back to your classes!" "Come on Acacia, I'll show you you're way to English. We all take it together..and yet so do they"

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