Who Am I?

Your memory is gone and you have no idea how you ended up here. It's just something that happened. Your head is pounding with the beat of your heart as you step out from the confines of the small shack and into the blinding green forest around you. The middle of nowhere can be a delight to others but it's a fright to you.


3. My name is Journey?

Blaine's home was a small one bedroom cabin. It was perfect. The whole thing looked simply cozy with the fire blazing in the fire place and beside it was a stack of wood. The living room and kitchen were divided by a wall and his bedroom was the door on the opposite wall from the front entrance.

While Blaine cooked up some dinner, he allows me to take in every feature of his home. Curious, I open his bedroom door. A bed that takes up half the room is smack dab in the middle, on the left is a dresser and beside that is another door. On the right is a computer desk with no computer and just a bunch of survival items, there's also a door beside that.

I start with the door on the left, turning the brass knob in my hand and peering inside. A small bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink and a mirror. Possibly big enough for two people. Closing the door carefully, I make my way over to the other door. It opens and all I see is pitch black. My fingers fumble across the wood, in search of a light switch. I move into the room more and feel something dangling from the ceiling touching my face, I tug on it. Light floods the room that is small but a good size for a closet. It's not a normal closet, though. Weapons litter the shelves and the floor looking as if a tornado had just gone through it. I don't waste another second there.

Blaine enters the room just as I am about to exit. He nearly knocks me onto the wood floor but catches me before I can fall, his hands touching my lower back, holding me steady. Crystal blue eyes peer into mine, causing my heart to throb. Blaine's eyes seem to move over my entire face, a small smirk forming on his lips.

"Guess you found the room." He says, releasing me. I sway but catch myself and straighten out. Why am I being so foolish around this boy?

"Would you like to borrow some more comfortable clothing? Shower maybe?" He asks as he searches through his dresser. I swallow hard, keeping my hands tucked in my sleeves, "A giant shirt or sweatshirt will do." I mumble. The voice that comes from my lips is still strange sounding but I like testing it.

In seconds Blaine removes a large sweatshirt, handing it over to me. My eyes move to the door of the bathroom then, back to him. Blaine chuckles, finding amusement in her nervous silence, "You can take a shower. I promise, I won't walk in on you." My teeth sink into my lower lip. Blaine doesn't say another word, he just opens the bathroom door, waiting for me to step in. When I do, he closes it behind me.

You don't even remember who you are, yet you are trusting some stranger you just met? He could do anything to you. Anything and who's fault will that be? Yours.

The voice in my head was obnoxious and making me wish that I was passed out on the floor, bleeding just so it would shut up. She was driving me up a wall and I was in desperate need of getting her out. But that girl is me and I can't really get myself out unless I were dead.

Pressing my lips into a straight line, I start the shower, letting the water warm as I remove my shirt, my bra and my underwear. Breathing deeply, I step inside letting the water wash away all the dirt and sweat from today. Shampoo and conditioner sit on the edge of the bathtub and a bar of soap sits in a small holder made in the shower wall. Washing down my body and hair, I try to think of what might have happened before I awoke. I try remembering how I got the huge bruise on my temple but only darkness and a painful migraine come up.




Blaine wraps a blanket around my shoulders as I sit in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. The midnight cold air settles in and blankets everything with an icy chill. I shiver once again, glancing over at Blaine who keeps giving me looks of sympathy. I chew my lower lip, "You can stop that." I mumble.

"Stop what?" He asks, oblivious.

"Looking at me like that." I mumble, "It makes me feel like I can't do anything on my own."

"At this moment, you really can't. You have no memory and I have no clue if you even live in this state. For now, you need me more than anything." He tells me. I turn to him, my lower lip sucked into my mouth. The corners of his mouth turn up and I return the gesture.

The room is silent as we sip hot chocolate and stare into the fire. A giant yawn escapes from my lips and I'm hoping Blaine didn't see it. Sadly, he did and is about to get up when he stops himself, "Your name is Journey." He says, abruptly.

"My name is Journey?" I question, adding another yawn at the end. He nods, "Well, I don't know if that's your real name but I'm going to call you that. It fits you." He grins and I feel my insides churn.


"I'm ready to sleep." I tell him, letting out another yawn. He chuckles and soon yawns after. He rises to his feet, stretching his hand out towards me. I take it, without hesitation and he leads me away from the burning fire. We enter his room and he points to the left side of the bed, "You can sleep there." He instructs.


"I don't want to kick you out of your own bed." I tell him. He smiles at me, "Don't worry, I'm sleeping on the other side. I promise I won't touch you if that makes you feel comfortable." He informs. Chewing my lower lip, I slip under the covers and soon relax into the warm sheets.


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