Who Am I?

Your memory is gone and you have no idea how you ended up here. It's just something that happened. Your head is pounding with the beat of your heart as you step out from the confines of the small shack and into the blinding green forest around you. The middle of nowhere can be a delight to others but it's a fright to you.


1. Waking Up

Sounds of water dripping into empty tin pails. Beneath me is -what I'm guessing- a mattress, made with springs that are cutting into my flesh. I don't dare move because the pain in my head it already increasing and the springs could do more damage than I would like.

There's something covering my body, a thin sheet, dotted with holes. My fingers trace over the sheet, tangling themselves in the holes in the fabric. Everything is unfamiliar and uncomforting. It's a possibility that I can be stranded in the middle of a desert in some old abandoned home. Or I could be surrounded by predators that would love more than nothing to attack and get a taste of human. The thoughts send shivers down my spine.

My eyelids flutter open and bright light blinds me. My hands go up shielding my eyes from the light. But it's not the sun, just an old lamp hanging above my head. Sitting up is a struggle and only increases the throbbing in my temples. Gritting my teeth, I push myself off the mattress and into a standing position. I stumble and catch myself on the rotting wall, my face turned up in disgust. This place is much worse than I thought it would be.

Nothing covers the walls except a broken mirror with shards of glass that are missing. My body moves instinctively towards the broken mirror, my eyes curious about what will be reflected back at me. When the girl in the mirror comes into view, I gasp. That girl isn't me.

That girl is beautiful with hazel eyes, tan skin and dark brown hair that hangs down to her hips. The only imperfection is the deep purple bruise on the side of her face. Her body is an athletic build not super skinny but not fat, just perfect. She could be a model if she really wanted to. But I don't remember this girl, I don't remember this girl being me.

My eyes scan the girl in the mirror, the only thing covering her body is an oversized long sleeve gray t-shirt and her feet are bare. Her hair is a mess but she still looks like an angel. This girl can't be me. She's too beautiful.

There is one question that I keep asking myself as I stare at this girl in the mirror.

Who Am I?

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