Unconditional Love

V-G-075. Well that was my government given name. But I choose a name for my self. This time its Alex, last few times it was Abby, Becca. Yeah. Well I like the name Alex, for now anyway. It's hard to say how long I've been alive but I've been with the academy for about 126. So the year is 2139. Today's date is July 5th. Its Saturday. That means we get the day off. Did I mention there is a huge war going on, oh and I'm immortal and have super powers. I don't think I can handle being a superhero.


2. Training

I finally reach the door to the training room. Finally some alone time. Everyone has already started.

"Take 002319 with you to training today." What!

"But that's my box! Only I train in there." I stomp my foot and cross my arms and pout as if I was a little kid.

"Just do it. Just for today." She holds her hand up to silence me and lets out a sigh.

 As if holding your hand up will silence me. I mentally scoff on the inside."Fine. You owe me though."

"Very well." She leaves the room swiftly with the guards closely trailing behind her.

"Oh don't 'very well' me Grace."I say as if she can hear me and is still in the room. I walk towards my box, but I get knocked to the ground by one of Ember's fire balls, orbs, whatever. My skin singing with pain. Only a little pain though. Apparently enough pain to piss me off though. Not a lot pisses me off though. My singed flesh and hair grow back quickly. What the hell? I quickly tie my hair back. Again!

"What the hell Ember?" She looks really scared and tells me it wasn't her. She stumbles over her words.

"You are the only ignis around?"

"I'm serious! It wasn't me! It was Jake!" Oh. Well that changes things. Jake snakes his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. I squirm in his grasp, but I can't break free.

"Like the new trick I learned?" he gloats.

"No. Why must you ruin my morning?" I shoot back with more venom in my voice than I wanted.

"Cause it's fun." I can feel his lips curve into a devious smile. I've learned all of his smiles. This one I'm not fond of. At all.

"Lets see who's laughing when I send 180 volts of electricity at your head."

"You wouldn't do that." He's right. I won't. I haven't used my powers in 76 years. Memories flash through my mind. My throat closes. No stop it. You're happy now. Don't let those tears fall! Not in front of everybody. A few tears fall from my eyes and hit Jake's hands and I instantly hate my self for it. He immediately jerks back. My tears just shocked him. Great. I quickly dry my tears. I go for the 'are you ok?' scenario. Hope he doesn't think that was on purpose.

"Did you just shock me?" His expression is angry and astounded. 

"No. What are you talking about?" I give him my best 'well are you gonna tell me or not?' look. I'm trying so hard to look innocent. When I'm trying so hard not to hurt people I still do! He is just in black basket-ball shorts and a white tank top. His wavy dirty blond hair falls in his face. He has blue eyes, but his aren't nearly as beautiful as Adam's.

"Whatever. I have training to do. Come on Adam." I wave him over to me. He glides over as if he owns the place. Ass.

"Adam?" Every head in the room snaps to see Adam walking toward me.

"Yes. Adam. Just met him."

"Well we don't have a field set up for him yet?" Ember points out.

"That's fine. He can come in the box with me for today." Jake is pissed. He shoots Adam a venomous look.

"You don't even let me go in there and we're married."

"It's just for a day or two. Just until he gets a field."

"That's not the point!" He shouts. Now I'm pissed.

"Calm down Jake." I try to stay calm and reason with him.

"No. You've known him what five seconds and you're already letting him go in the box?"

"I'm not fighting with you about this. He's going in the box with me and that's final, and no more mind control on people." Jake just crosses his arms. Quit being such a baby. I'd rather be your wife, not your babysitter. Truthfully though, I'm not so sure I want to be his wife anymore. No. It was just a little fight. Nothing to get a divorce over. God one little fight and I'm thinking of divorce.


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