Unconditional Love

V-G-075. Well that was my government given name. But I choose a name for my self. This time its Alex, last few times it was Abby, Becca. Yeah. Well I like the name Alex, for now anyway. It's hard to say how long I've been alive but I've been with the academy for about 126. So the year is 2139. Today's date is July 5th. Its Saturday. That means we get the day off. Did I mention there is a huge war going on, oh and I'm immortal and have super powers. I don't think I can handle being a superhero.


3. The box

I hang my jacket on the single coat hanger protruding from the wall. What if there where two hooks? Do I really want Jake in here? This is my own space. I try not to think about it too much, but I just can't let it go. At first I was angry when grace said I have to bring Adam in my box. Its strange that I'd much rather have Adam in here than Jake.


"Yes Alex?"  A female robot voice echos from the walls. Adam instantly looks freaked. I laugh. Its cute how he freaked out for a sec.

"Calm down. That's just Alice. She is a computer built into the walls. We have her do stuff for us."

"Like what?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

"She does stuff like make us food, wash our clothes, screen movies. Pretty much anything?"

"So this is like an Irobot type thing?" I laugh. How does he even know that movie? It's one of my favorites. "Yes and no. She's not crazy and tries to kill everyone, and Will Smith died a long time ago.Well this is my box. I come here to train. No one is allowed in here. Today you will just sit in the corner and read or something."

"Why can't I train with you?" He almost seems upset.

"I don't know what your abilities are yet, and it's not safe. You could get hurt. Plus you could never keep up."

"I'm a lux fraudator." I can't believe what I'm hearing. The world stops spinning and I stop breathing. I'm frozen in thought by his words. My mind is racing with questions.

"Seriously?" That's all I can manage to say.

"Yeah. Except I can only do teleporting and metal shaping on command. Every once in a while I get random bursts of a new power." His lips curve up into a huge gorgeous smile. He's gloating.

"I'm a lux fraudator too."

"Really?" He doesn't seem surprised though.

"Yeah! I can create and control electricity and I can do mind to reality shape making." We just go on and on. I'm enticed by his words. A warm fuzzy feeling radiates through my veins as I listen to him talk.



We are supposed to be training but instead we are talking. I pull my self from my dream.

"We need to start training." He lets out a long sigh and scratches his head. My god his muscles are so god-like they're making me drool. I feel my face go red. I quickly fan my face. I try to busy my self  by making it look as if I'm looking for something in my jacket pocket. I just look dumb considering there is nothing in my pockets. He tries to act as if he didn't notice, but he did.

"Fine.Where do we start?"

"Alice, two punching bags please." Two long, beat up punching bags descend from the ceiling. A smile slowly spreads across his face as he grabs one of the bags.

"You're not allowed to use your abilities in here or Alice will shoot a marble at you. Trust me." He gives me a puzzled look. I quickly raise my hand up. I don't want to go down this road today. Surprisingly enough I don't feel the need to cry this time. Good. "Don't ask. You do and I'll shoot you with a marble at you my self."

He just nods in understanding and proceeds to take off his shirt. Oh. My. God. I swear this man was sculpted by the gods. I've never felt like this before. It's as if all my horny teenage girl hormones are finally kicking in and into overdrive. These hormones are only late by like thousands of years. God, I thought being immortal would make me the perfect image of a woman. Turns out that even if you're immortal, you still get horny as hell when you see a body like Adam's. This girl hormone thing is weird. I start punching thing, still thinking and looking at Adam. He Hardly even knows I'm there. Wow, he's fast. I'm the turtle in this race. Get it together Alex. We punched the bags for two hours. I'm dripping in sweat. I try to catch my breath.

"Alice who won?" My voice all scratchy and gargled as I down a water bottle.

"002319 won by 26 hits." Damn it! Adam thrust's his fists in the air.

"You cheated!" I yell and run at him. I stop dead in my tracks just centimeters away from each other. I breath him in. God! How does he smell good right now?! He's dripping in sweat just like me! Yet I take in a large sniff of him.

"Did not!" I try hit him, just a small hit, but he catches my wrist and pulls me in close. We just stand there staring. He tries to go in for a kiss but I snatch my wrist away and slap him across the face. What was he thinking?!

"What was that for?" He doesn't seem mad but instead laughs.

"I'm married." I hold my hand up in front of his face.


"Seriously? I'm gonna have to know you a little longer and hate my marriage just a little more, until I have an affair with you."

"How much longer?"

"I'd say a few weeks. I already hate my marriage enough." I don't think he expected that answer. Honestly I didn't expect it either.

"Well, I'm starving. Pizza?"

"You know it." He acts as if the whole thing never happened. He throws on his shirt and we leave. He's a few steps ahead as I lock up my box. Mine. My box.

"Ember makes the best pizza." That whole affair and hate my marriage comment, I can't tell if I was joking or not. No, No. I love Jake and he loves me. I will commit to this marriage. No doubt that Jake loves me.

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