Unconditional Love

V-G-075. Well that was my government given name. But I choose a name for my self. This time its Alex, last few times it was Abby, Becca. Yeah. Well I like the name Alex, for now anyway. It's hard to say how long I've been alive but I've been with the academy for about 126. So the year is 2139. Today's date is July 5th. Its Saturday. That means we get the day off. Did I mention there is a huge war going on, oh and I'm immortal and have super powers. I don't think I can handle being a superhero.


5. Meltdown

  Adam's POV

Everyone gathers around me and Alex. Alex is telling me who and what everyone is. She is telling me about a pair of twins and I'm actually interested because I've never met sibling numens before, but she is interrupted by Jake pulling her away. They walk a little away but everyone can hear them yelling. Everyone is in an awkward silence.

"How long have they been married?" Ember answers almost immediately.

"Two years and four months."

"On the dot?"

"Yes." Why does she know that? Ember walks away and returns with an open bottle of vodka. Alex comes stomping back and snatches the bottle. Ember didn't get it for her self, she got it for Alex. How often do they have to fight if Ember's got a routine down pat. Alex down's half the bottle. Wow.

"Jake locked himself in his room."

"I'm sorry." Ember gives her an awkward hug while Alex is still chugging the bottle. She just killed the whole damn bottle. My mouth just drops. No one else seems surprised that she just drank a whole bottle of vodka. The group disperses. Alex runs down the hallway crying with a bottle of vodka. I try to go after her but I'm stopped by Ember.

"She'll be fine. This happens all the time." I'm shocked.

"What? She gets in a fight with her husband and instead of you being her friend you hand her a bottle of vodka?"

"Hey! You don't know what's best for her! I do!"

"Right, because nothing 'I'm here for you' better than a bottle of vodka."

"You don't know her! Vodka is comforting to her. Believe me, I've tried everything."

"You haven't tried hard enough then." I run down the hallway to find Alex. She's stopped crying and is just staring at the bottle.

"I can't open it."

"Good." I take the bottle from her hands. She doesn't resist. I sit next to her and she throws her self at me. I didn't expect it so I clumsily catch her. She just sobs into my shirt. Her tears aren't shocking me this time, thank god. I just let her sob. After a while we're laying on the floor with my arms still around her. She's stopped crying. After what seems forever she finally speaks.

"Well today was interesting." We both laugh a little. She doesn't try to get up. I just hold her. We lie there for a while more.

"You know we still haven't eaten yet."


"Come on. Lets get some food."

"Deal." I hold the bottle in my hand and flash it back to the kitchen. We stand, which means having to let go of her. She wipes her face and we head back to the lounge. I'm here for a few hours and I'm already falling for her, even though I'm braking my number one rule. Never fall for the target.

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