Unconditional Love

V-G-075. Well that was my government given name. But I choose a name for my self. This time its Alex, last few times it was Abby, Becca. Yeah. Well I like the name Alex, for now anyway. It's hard to say how long I've been alive but I've been with the academy for about 126. So the year is 2139. Today's date is July 5th. Its Saturday. That means we get the day off. Did I mention there is a huge war going on, oh and I'm immortal and have super powers. I don't think I can handle being a superhero.


1. Meet and Greet

I try to finish my dream, but can't. I'm awoken by someone clearing their throat. Shit. My eyes flutter open. I glance at the clock. *10:37* Shit! I immediately jump out of bed. I sheepishly look up at Grace. Her lips pursed and toe tapping make me gulp. I stand to attention as her brown eyes scan me from head to toe, knowing full well I am in just a bra and panties.

"You're not wearing the government issued sleepwear." She pauses. I open my mouth to make an excuse but she cuts me off.

"I assume you are going to tell me that you lost your pair and that you need another." She holds out a pair of standard, government issued, itchy as hell pajamas to me. I graciously take them and thank her.

"Also I see you've overslept." She leans to glance past me at my clock. "By at least thirty-nine minutes." I try to speak again but am cut off. She just raises her hand. Now she is annoyed at our little game we've been playing.

"Just suit up so we can leave." What?

"It's Saturday."

"Yes well. We moved your training to today. I don't know why. Just suit up." I quickly suit up in record time. As I'm pulling my zipper up on my suit I notice a man not in uniform. I look him up and down. A very handsome, muscular man. Jet black hair like mine and electric blue eyes like mine. I tie my hair in a pony tail. He is in a black v-neck, gray government jeans and ratty all-star converse. He has nice cheekbones, which make his eyes stand out more. A very strong law line with a bit of 5 o'clock shadow. I look him up and down. I wonder what he can do?

"Hi." We fall into step behind Grace and the two guards.

"Nice underwear." The grin plastered on his face makes me want to slap it off.

"Thanks. Lots of men seem to think so." This surprises him a little.

"I'm Adam." I instantly find that strange.

"What? No, you don't have a name yet. No. You are..." I grab his wrist to examine his tracking bracelet. Big hands.

"You are 002319." He flushes red with embarrassment.

"If you like the name Adam then go ahead. have at it." I flash him a huge smile. I twist my wedding ring around my finger. Memories flash through my mind.

"Are you ready?" I'm pulled back to reality.

"Yes." We walk down the hallway to training. I catch Adam staring at me. I blush scarlet red and look away. Gosh, I've Known him a minute and I already have a crush. This could be fun. 

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