The Bakery Girl



2. Want to Hang Out?

Amelia's POV

"Wanna go hang out at my hotel?" Niall asks. We just got finished at Starbucks. "Um, sure.." I said. He drove to one of the hotels in town. I stepped out of the car and so did he. I followed him to his room and as soon as he opened the door I saw him. "Oh god.." I whispered. He grabbed my hand and lead me inside. "Harry is here. I hope you don't mind.." He said quiet. "Ok.." I said. "Harry! I'm here!" Niall shouted. Harry walked out of a room and his eyes locked on me. "Hi?" I said shyly. "Amelia?" He asks. I nodded slowly. He smiled a little. "It's, uh, been a while." He said. "Yeah..." I said. "I'm going to go to my house. Nice to see you Amelia." He walked out of the door obviously mad."Well, that wasn't awkward at all.." Niall said. I giggled a bit.  


Harry's POV

"How could Niall be on a date with my ex? Why did Amelia like him?" I sat in my car and all these thoughts ran through my mind. I rested my head on the stearing wheel, still parked in front of the hotel. I drove back to my house. I walked into my house and fell onto the couch. Why didn't Amelia still like me?



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