Fake Love, True Love.

In a world where the average person is extremely lucky, Alyssa will finally meet her idols in a way very few have before. Will her friends find love along the way too or is it all downhill for everyone? Is everything being done a scam or is it really love?


6. Chapter 6

Louis' POV

I heard Grace mumble a simple 'oh shit' under her breath. I didn't mean to be so harsh, but Harry just seriously pissed me off. He knew that I actually had the urge to get to know this girl and possibly become friend with her. Harry? Harry was in it for the money, and that's why it surprised me so much when I heard Grace's final answer. 

"Well considering the only reason Harry raised his voice at me was to ask me to the gala and NOT to force me to make an extremely difficult decision: I'm going to go with Harry." Grace snapped at me with clear hurt hiding behind her eyes. I saw Harry smirk deviously behind her, then immediately slapped on a convincing smile as Grace turned to face him. "So do you wanna match color-wise?" I think I heard a slight sense of sarcasm in her voice. As they continued to talk about plans for the gala, I rose from the sofa and slumped towards the door. 

I looked back at Grace's happy face before finally leaving. I guess if she was happy, I could be happy too. Although I knew Harry had no good intentions with Grace, I hoped that he would still treat her like the beautiful lady she is. Plus, I mean, I would still see her at the gala. It's not like because she chose Harry she'll be completely out of my life - right?


​Niall's POV

​I walked Alyssa to the door of her condo, watching her in wonder. She reached for the door knob before I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me.

​"Listen, Alyssa, I really am sorry about what happened at the restaurant today. I promised you a 'not-date' and it was more 'not' than 'date'." I used finger quotes, making her giggle quietly. I reached my free hand into the inside pocket of my jacket and pulled out a small box. "I bought it at the karaoke bar," Alyssa hesitantly took the box from my hand and opened it with a small gasp seeing what was inside. She pulled the necklace up by the chain and smiled excitedly, tiny giggles escaping her lips as she examined her new piece of jewelry.

​"Niall, it's beautiful!" Alyssa squeaked. I smiled and clipped the necklace around her neck. It was a simple sterling silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a treble clef. "I can't believe you bought me this... but why?" she fiddled with the pendant, the small gems sparkling in the light.

​"I figured it would make a nice addition to your gown for the gala." I shrugged.

​"The gala! Oh my god I need to buy a dress! I have to tell Grace! I've gotta go Niall!" she quickly kissed my cheek, so fast I'm not even sure she knew she did it. She sprinted through the door and slammed it behind her squealing Grace's name as soon as I was out of her sights.

​I shook my head and walked down the stairs. I stepped outside and nearly tripped over a man sitting on the curb in front of the complex.

​"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see yo-" I looked down to see a man with a tear-stained face.



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