Fake Love, True Love.

In a world where the average person is extremely lucky, Alyssa will finally meet her idols in a way very few have before. Will her friends find love along the way too or is it all downhill for everyone? Is everything being done a scam or is it really love?


4. Chapter 4


OK I know I said I wasn't going to update until I got 1 more comment blah, blah, blah, but I just thought of something really good so just read the freaking chapter!

Grace's POV

"The concert was fabulouis Louis!!!"

"Tha- wait did you say fabuLOUIS?" Louis asked laughing.

"Yes. No. I'll stop." I replied starting to swat from being so nervous.

"It's fine love. So what's your name again?"

"G-Grace. Grace Rath." I stuttered. Great real attractive Grace.

"JENNIFER!!!!! GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! AHHH! OW!!!" Alyssa yelled running towards me tripping over her feet. Finally gaining her balance, stood up and continued, "Guess what!!!" she was jumping up and down.

"What! What is so freaking important?!?!" Her face completely dropped at my outburst.

"Never mind. I'll let you two carry on." she dipped her head in guilt and walked away. I sighed.

"Wait! What is it? I've never seen a fan so excited." Louis called. Alyssa's head shot directly up and she was over here in a blink. "Well 2 things! Do you wanna hear the good news or the BEST news first?"

"Ummm.... good? Best for last."


"I thought that'd be the best!" Said Louis.

"Well if that's not the best, what is?" I asked.

"Niall is taking me to Nando's!!! I need to get outside so he doesn't see me fangirl and get all freaked out!!! Where's the exit???" Louis was on the ground laughing his fat and beautiful ass off (Grace don't even think you wouldn't say that!) I walked over to Liam and asked him where the exit was, once he told me I walked over to Alyssa and dragged her outside with me. "Wait I didn't think we had a Nando's here."

"We don't!"

"Then how is he taking you to there?"

"One Direction has a private je-"

"He's FLYING you to Nando's!!!"

"Mhmm!!!" We both screamed our heads off in that moment.

*2 days later and the concert was over and everyone was home and lonely and sad*

"C'mon Alyssa your date's in half an hour and your still in your pajamas!" Alyssa was sitting on the couch watching Finding Nemo and writing fan fictions.

"Exactly. Half and hour, as in 30 minutes. Unlike some people I only need 10 minutes to get ready."

"Hey, Matt must be impressed." Taylor said, knowing Alyssa was referring to her.

"C'mon Lyssa, you don't even know what your gonna wear."

"Yes I do!"


"Skinny jeans, a shirt, and converse."

"Ugh you have so much to learn. C'mon get up." Gracie urged.

"Almost done!" Alyssa called attempting to type as Gracie and Tay both dragged her off the couch. Gripping hold of the laptop Lyssa refused to release, we all dragged her to her room. We sat her in there and closed the door.

After about 15 minutes we returned to see her sitting in the exact same position, only this time she was in denim skinny jeans, converse, and a t-shirt with a mustache on it.

"I'm ready."

"Oh my god. You are useless." I replied shaking my head. She needs a LOT of help. "This is what you wear on a date?"

"This is not a 'date' its just me and Niall going to Nando's."

"So much to learn in such little time." then the doorbell rang. "Make that NO time."

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