Fake Love, True Love.

In a world where the average person is extremely lucky, Alyssa will finally meet her idols in a way very few have before. Will her friends find love along the way too or is it all downhill for everyone? Is everything being done a scam or is it really love?


1. Chapter 1

Alyssa's POV

"...They don't know about the things, we, do.They don't know about the I, love, you's, but I betcha if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us. They don't know about the up, all, nights, they don't know I've waited all, my, life, just to find a love that feels, this, right. Baby they don't know about, they don't know about us!" I sang. I was in the car on my way to my condo, from my part-time job at the Southern Lanes Sports Center. I was so excited 'cause tomorrow was my 19th b-day, and my roomies Grace (Jennifer) and Taylor (Ninja) said they had an AMAZAYN gift for me and that there was no way I could pay them back. Plus my other friend Gracie (Hipsta) is moving in with us tonight. It probably wouldn't be until around midnight when she got here, so we were gonna stay UAN (Up All Night)!!!Anyways, I arrived at the condo entrance, punched in the code to the gates and pulled through as they opened. I parked in the parking lot, grabbed my stuff, and locked the car. I walked inside, hopping inside the elevator, pressing the button that read '6'.

"OW!! Never thought it'd hurt so ba-" my phone rang. I quickly picked it up, the caller I.D. reading 'Hipsta'.

"HIPSTA!!! Vas Happenin'?"

"Not much Tyreesha (that's what she calls me). But I would like it if you gave me the code to the condo entrance so I can move in."

"OH MY GOD! Your already here?"

"Yeah... I only need some clothes. You've already got everything else."

"Right. Anyways the code is 3102. Then you just press the star (*) button."

"Kay got it. Seeya!" I exited the elevator dashing to room 24.

"Guys, Gracie is already here!" I shouted across the hall dashing into the kitchen cleaning up the mess, shoving most of it into the dishwasher. We already had her room set up. It used to be Taylor's dog Andy's room, until he.... passed. Well got ran over by a bus. Anyways, we got it all picked up and gave Tay some tissues for the memories of the room (not really but it sounds good).

"Done." I said sweat beads dripping down my forehead. I rushed over to my room kicking off my socks and shoes, revealing my multicolored toe-nails. Just as I fell back onto my bed inb exhaustion, I heard the door open.

"Ugh." I groaned. Even though I was exhausted, I sprang from my bed dashing into the main room, where the front(ish) door was.

"WELCOME HOMEISH HIPSTA!!!!" Tay, Grace, and I shouted. "Come eat. I prepared a gourmet meal!" Grace squeaked sprinting into the kitchen. When we all got there on the table we found pizza. "YUM!" Tay and I sang.

"It's pizza." Gracie said gesturing to the 'gourmet meal'.

"It wont be for long if you don't grab a slice!" I mumbled shoving half a slice of pizza into my mouth. After about 10 minutes the 2 whole boxes of pizza were devoured. "Who wants dessert?" I asked heading to the freezer. Everybody raised their hand as I came back with a full tub.

"Aren't you lactose and tolerant?" Gracie asked.

"Yep. Your point?" she just shrugged and looked around. "Where are the spoons?" everything went silent. "Gracie if you are going to be living with us you need to know a few things. This one being that spoons are NOT  allowed here." Grace stated breaking the silence, "Why?" Gracie asked. "DO YOU KNOW NOTHING?!?!?!" Tay screamed. "Tay she's not a Directioner remember?" I stated attempting to calm her down while Grace explained the whole Liam thing with the spoons.

Everyone finally settled down after a whole hour of arguments and ice cream.

"ITS MIDNIGHT!!!! PRESENT TIME!" everyone shouted referring to my birthday. "Gracie goes first." I opened the surprisingly light package that soon revealed a One Direction messenger bag and Niall cardboard cut-out. "OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!" I said jumping into her arms for a hug. "Now you Tay." I said cuddling the bag and standing next to my cut-out. "Actually Grace and I both got you something that will blow you away!" Tay replied handing me a large yellow envelope. I passed a confuzzled glance their way while opening up the envelope. "oh my god." I whispered, not being able to get my voice any higher... until now. "YOU GOT ME FRONT ROW AND BACK-STAGE PASSES FOR THE ONE DIRECTIONE CONCERT!!!!!! When is it!" I asked not able to wipe the smile off my face. "Today! We're all going! Unless Gracie doesn't want to." I turned towards Gracie giving her the puppy dog face, "Fiiiine. But ONLY because it's your birthday." "Eeek!!!" I squealed making a mad-dash for my room. "EVERYONE GET SOME SLEEP!!! WE HAVE A CONCERT TO GO TO!!!!!" I yelled hopping into a tank top and 1D pj shorts. This was going to be a PHENOMINIALL day!

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