Ent Nothin' I can't Handle...

On a street that goes unnamed, is the home to something dangerous. In their opinion it's no hazards, and even themselves feel quite comfy with this new home. She was like you know like, and what happened then...? Ellie interfered, she ruined my poor home.
Joey,Jake,Kevin,Victor all the pains under my skin, I dare to go down that road again...
The only thing I've been told is that a street light is like a symbol to us... and for me it feels like a signal to escape. I wish that this place vanished mostly, along with my past.


1. That Light, We call the Street Light...

It was all like something out of an amusement park; it started off as any other day in this street. I call it home en it, I take pride in what I do. Jake is always like a curled up flying saucer, and I’m just in the middle of this holocaust. Kevin laughs at the jokes we all made en it, and you get what I’m saying? Before we even made it to that broken down car wreck, James was like a fluffing buffalo.

“Oh really, and this is what you think counts as an example of good behaviour?”  

Na of course not bro, I would a done something about it. Didn’t have the time or the space to deal with this sh..., Kevin handed me the case and I was all like, you getting me to carry all this...? Is that something I’d count as a good friend, of course not, I’m telling what you know though...

“Look, can you just answer the question we’ve asked you, your story doesn’t prove anything”

I... I never shot anyone, it was a simple fluke. Kevin threw me the lighter and I tossed it on the ground. Jake crushed it into the ground and I just sat there like... What if? I’d be calling that fluke though, wouldn’t you, if you have to bring Kevin here, he’ll explain this. I’m not the one you want, and I can’t explain what I have already explained... you’re messing with my head!

“Okay... Jones, can you bring Kevin in here, he seems to know something”

“Right away sir, I’ll get him now...”

Get the crap off me! If I did something, then maybe you can explain what I did. You probably just want the south sides, they’ll explain it. I haven’t done anything, G-get off me now!

“Sit him down please, Mr... Hmm, your name doesn’t seem to be legit”

W-What...? Legit and this has anything to do with what you guys want? I’m not speaking to a bunch of pigs, you did in my dad, and you think I’m going to just lay back and let you do the same to me? I had nothing on me, just a stupid cell phone. Stole it from a stupid market, it was pretty cheap!

“C-Cheap or not... you still have evidence against you sir, and I suggest you talk now...”

Ha-ha, so you’ve got me and what now? Back in the big house with all my mates, I was born to live a role of such an idiotic agreement. Take me in go on, you’ve got the nerve to take my dad, and now you’ve finally got my family... there’s nothing left of our family, you made sure of that, you pigs! Get out of my sight, filth in a room... you’re wasting your precious time speaking to me...

“Mrs... Your name isn’t clear either, first name... why didn’t I get handed the names?”

“Her name is Charlotte Clifford, Sir...”

What do you want now...? Kevin explained it didn’t he, I’m an innocent girl who’d be strolling on the streets of a gangs territory. Do you think we’ve got time for mindless games you do? All this talking is just a waste of breath, I’d be better off inside a cell... What! You actually thought I’d just agree with my own words...? Shows a lot, shows what you don’t know about me anyway...

“Mrs Clifford, it’s already a sick sight to hear you’re a lone mother, and you’re too young!”

I-I look after my baby like it’s a gift, and don’t go telling me otherwise! Kevin helped look after her while her dad went out for a bit. She’s safe with me and I swear down, if you lay a finger on my little girl... I’ll...!

“You’ll what...? Huh, and what would that mean for you, and what justice would that serve?”

Revenge... look, I saw a light down the street okay. It was too bright to see what violence happened around the corner. I am certainly not the person you’re looking for, and I can’t stand you guys... My little girl is alone thanks to you keeping me here, do you have any idea what that means?

“Mrs Clifford, Mr Clifford has been found dead... he just went out drinking huh? Your child in the meantime is our main reason why you’ll here. You can’t look after her in the state, and with such a terrible criminal record. You’ll gang has been in and out of these cells every year!”

W...What?! You’re just going to take my baby is that it? Social flaming services going to just break in my home, and what then huh, you find that the murderer is under your nose! Quite tragic really en it, I mean there’s me having high hopes for what a future shall bring. And for the first time ever in my life, I’m proud to be alive... and now what? You want to just take away... my pride and joy?

“Mr Clifford was found dead on that street at five AM, you were seen on the scenes at seven AM. We found DNA belonging to you on his body. The weapons remains were also found seven days later, and now you think we’re here to play games? This is no laughing matter, and if you need to go back into a cell to learn consequences. Then I have no other choice to just go ahead and do that!”

Shouting in ma zone? Is that a way of communicating with us... Jeez, I thought you were dumb at first, and now I’ve lead myself to believe you are the good guys... what crack am I on? Smoking more than usual, ha-ha I’d rather just talk to Mr Clifford now, he’d be back before noon he said. I found him lying on the ground in pain... What could I do?!

“A-ha, finally coming up with some sense...? Listen, Mrs Clifford, Charlotte? I know this may be difficult to talk about why you were on the scene, although I’m not pushing any pressure on you. Just be truthful and this whole gang problem can be over...”

Oh yeah, because I can just magic stuff away en it? Of course not, it takes time and if that’s what needs to heal. My heart is already broken because of you not looking for the killer... My little girl is being taken away from me, and you want me to come clean with the truth? Our gang may look stupid in your pathetic eyes, yet with us guarding our homes. I’d say you stand no chances...

“Oh really, the dangerous criminal masterminds in your gang huh, Many murders found on your street, even robbery mostly... and you think this is rare do you? It’s freaking common, day after day of working under a roof and then working outside!”

“But Sir, she may have a point...”

“Shut it, just send... huh, Mrs Clifford out of here – take her to a holding cell. She can talk more tomorrow; I haven’t got time for her crap”

“Alright Sir, seems we may have the whole gang locked up again...”

Finally walking back into the past, feels like home to me. The murderer can stay a secret for all I care. He was a terrible father in the first place; he failed to look after me or my daughter. And I was supposed to be his bitch, according to him at least. I’d rather rot away in a ground than be with a more rotten man... My daughter may have been taken away from me... I’m not going out though, No way... Kevin is my last hope – he better come clean!

“Bring in Kevin again, oh and possibly Alice”

“Alright, I’m on it Sir – Be right back”

“Come on you two, get in and take a seat...”

How about you take these stupid cuffs off me, I am no prisoner! Why do you always think I’m the bad girl, I actually try to stay clean you know. You pigs always have to dig up some kind of dirt of us. Our gang is a family, it’s not a dangerous criminal organisation – Jesus, when will you learn!

“Shut up Alice; just let Kevin do the talking...”

Alright fine... Kevin is a sick twisted kid alright – I hate him... Happy now Day one, he joined our stupid gang and pushed us into a heap of trouble. Tried to stay under the radar once again, ever since we lost Jamie back then, well it wasn’t a surprise. We moved on from criminal acts, after all – it was just a bit of fun for us. I’d rather strike Kevin with a base ball bat than be sitting next to him!

“Alright Alice, just calm down and please sit tight”

“Kevin, why don’t you just explain what happened huh?”

Nothing... I shed blood and that was it, he got what he deserved end of... I’d rather talk to a wall thanks though sir; I’m no joker you know – no psycho freak, just another average kid with a normal mind. I’m not deluded or anything like that, Mr pathetic died because of his own choices. I never did anything, The BS7 wouldn’t hurt anyone, and we’d never kill anyone!

“Kevin... You were last seen in 2011 holding a pen knife; you were with some unusual people. Some strangers perhaps Good to see you’ve came clean with your new gang’s title. Could never keep it quiet could you Kevin, and now I prefer you to just tell me who you were with!”

Just some mates alright, I told you what you wanted to hear didn’t I? Mr Clifford is dead okay... I did it, and I’d do it again just to keep his stupid little mouth shut. Do you think its easy being bossed around by a jerk that grew up with me? Of course not, I wanted out since day one! So just let me be alright, I’ll be leaving now. I’ll go jail or whatever, just let Alice go alright...

“S-Some mates hmm? No, they were other criminals, we checked over that area when it was clear... found trash everywhere – we were sick of the offenses you’ve caused, and we have a right to keep Alice here. She is a criminal – The one in the white hood looked female in the video, we’ve got enough evidence to believe it’s her”

Whatever then, just takes me and let her go. So what, any stupid girl could wear a white hood. Could have been me looking skinnier, why don’t you stop accusing others, and let her go... I’ll do her time if that’s what it comes to... just let her go!

“Sorry, we will have to bring this conversation to a close... Mr Willis – I am arresting you on suspicion of murder, anything you say or...”

Kevin is now in the big house, and I’m still here for another two years... I was innocent! Alice never got to leave too; she was held in a holding cell for several days... and still waits whether she has been caught... Kevin may have come clean, yet they found more evidence on me, it was true – I helped hide the body, even the weapons were my own doing... Kevin just felt close to me alright!

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