Loving you

Amy Smith is 20 years old. She has always been hard working, serious girl,but what happens when she meets Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Will he teach here how to let go and have fun or will she leave because he's yoo much fun. ( first book ever) sorry if it isn't good.


1. About Me

My name is Amelia Rose Smith or Amy i haye being called Amelia. I work at my grandfather's hotel as a maid. I am 20 years old and i have curly blonde back length hair. I am curvy as in big boobs and butt that evenly propotionate and a small waist. I was raise off discipline and punishment, so i take work seriously. Even when guys try to hit on me I turn them down because my grandpa always said boys are trouble. I love to sing and dance. My best name is Sarah she is the complete opposite of me,but people always say opposites attract. I am a semi One Direction fan and I love Demi Lovato.
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