Theres something new in town and its not very pleasent. beggining in great danger julia is found by a secretive boy in an alleyway outside of her hometown. in a daze he kepps secrets that may cost her life and the whole reason why shes in danger. in her own dreamland julia starts to believe things that people keep telling her are insane. shes in a dreamland... but things arnt always what they seem...


1. prologue

  HE PATIENTLY waited by the creek waiting for her to come out of the boat. He had to be unseen;  sneeky.

      He stepped to the side cautiously ,and sat down on the plush dirt. He grabbed a handful of wet grass and pulled. The limp peices of grass falling into his lap.

      you could hear the voices of her and several other people. The sound of the motor boat getting louder but her voice over powering the noise.

      "Gage!" She squealed. "youre going to tip the boat!" She pulled the boat up to the dock and tied the rope to the side bars. he could hear the soft footsteps of her and her friends on the dock.

      "Mom is going to kill us." She hissed. Gage rolled his eyes.

      "Mom can wait. It's your birthday. And youre with family so it should count as pointers." Gage smiled. He stood up, preparing to follow her to the car. Waiting a few seconds, he took a step foreward and cringed as he snapped a twig under his foot.

      She gasped and spun around.

      "Gage." She whispered. "someones here." Gage rolled his eyes.

      "You're just being paranoid."

      He didnt want to take any chances and he retreated. He waited for the car liights to dissapear and he headed for the woods.

     A gust of wind blew his hair back and the soft patter of wings drowned his ears.

     "You let her go," He heard issacs voice, an unpleasent, deep voice.

     "She knew i was here. I want to be sneaky. And her brother was with her. No chances is my motto im sticking with." He said, attempting to hide his fear.

     " No chances?" Issac hissed. "Maybe i should use that. No more chances of letting her go, no more chances of you failing if i kill you now." He shuddered.

     "But im the only one who can do it." His voice wavering.

    "True. Which is why you get one more chance." And with that... he was gone.

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