The Escape

One accident, One fatality, One missed, One escape.
The story follows Simon Falwell, who loses his life in a car accident. He attempts to escape death, the one who guides him to the afterlife, and the one who wants to take him to hell for a crime committed by his father, why is he the one to blame? He doesn't know what his father has done, however. Death hasn't been much of a help with information relating to this. Will justice be found?...


1. The Accident

Winter swept across the ever so welcoming houses in the neighborhoods. Decorations flashed through the coat of snow that December had brought to them all. Kids were anxious for Christmas, the holiday, ever so near. The season not only swept joy into the life's of the children, but also fear to those who were on the icy roads. Headlights flashed from the minivan as it would slip by on the slick highway, the ice cracking underneath. Ice patches were frequent, more thick than thin, and this was a danger to everyone who decided to take a drive. Simon had no choice.

Simon was a man of average stature, a confused man, except for one thing; He loved and adored his family. His wife Catalina Falwell, and his daughter Emily. The wheels were slipping and the driver continued on his way, hoping to return safely to his home. His hopes for Emily's surprise to see that Scooby-doo stuffed toy she had wanted, was wrapped with love and joy, hoping to bring a smile and warm her heart. The navy box in the passengers seat, however, was for Catalina. He lover her, and wanted her to see that. Silver necklace locket would hide the image of her, Emily and him, the day at the park. One of the best times they had. The thought brought a smile to his face as he'd speed up, anxious to arrive to the embrace of Catalina, to her sweet vanilla perfume and to Emily, silly, clumsy and hyper Emily.

The minivan should of just driven though the intersection, reached home, hugged Catalina and kissed Emily's sweet forehead. Tell stories of fantasies, and princesses to his daughter as she'd drift away into a nonexistent world of imagination. But... This time was different.

Lange Rover slammed into the side of the minivan, sending a hit into the drivers side and sending a tremendous force into Simon's side, breaking ribs, and causing internal bleeding. Lights flickered before burning out, as Simon tried to breathe, to hold onto life, to Emily... To Catalina... He was losing the battle as he heard the other driver try to pull him out, screams were erupting all around.
"Is he okay!?" a woman would shriek, she sounded worried with a hint of fear.
"Oh shit!" shouted a man as he'd wedge the door open, putting his index finger to Simon's neck. "He's..." the mans voice would crack and his hand would tremble. This man would live with a mere scratch to remember the instance. But he would also have to live knowing that he took everything from a man. A man who had so little but at the same, so much.

Simon lay his head to rest on the drivers wheel, blood oozing from his mouth, leaving a trail behind. He felt numb, as if he were being lifted. The pain was dissipating, slowly, as if to drag the process on longer than what was needed. His thoughts would only trail back to one thing, that silver locket. The box was covered in blood and snow that invaded from the broken windows. He outstretched his arm to reach for it, but he went right through. Eyes widened at the sight of what seemed to be his mind who played tricks with his vision. It could not be!... Right?

The man had began to pace slowly around the icy road. His shaky hand grabbed his phone in order to dial the numbers for help. The police, the ambulance. Anyone to bring him back to reality. He didn't believe what was going on. It would take time to sink in.

His breaths were turning into worried mist in the cold night that lay ahead. What was going to happen next?

Simon got out of the car and looked back at the wreckage, mountain of metal and glass, crinkled like a paper nobody no longer wanted, to notice his body was still there, mouth dripping blood and eyes staring wide open into the abyss. He stepped back in fear of the sight, he wondered if this was a dream before he realized he wasn't going to be able to go home to his family ever again. He screamed and shouted, kicking and punching the car, asking the other driver who'd walk through him constantly, why, why had he taken his life? Had he done something to make Karma want to bite back so hard?

The ambulance pulled close slowly on the thin ice, coming to a stop at the sight of the smashed metal. Minivan and Lange Rover collided together making a mixture of both. The medics hurried Simon's body out of his minivan and into the ambulance while he continued to rage against them, to not forget the locket.

A hand was placed on his shoulder in attempt to calm him down and make him aware of the other presence. He looked back, furious still with the things trans cured since the night had begun. Simon was short compared to this figure, standing at a mighty 6' or 7' approximately, he couldn't tell. Simon's 5'6'' was shown off next to the tall dark figure. Simon's jet black hair complemented nicely with his emerald green eyes, and his fear was ever growing as he stared at the thin and bony hand, covered in a thin layer of skin that would stretch out onto his shoulder, long and fragile looking.
"Simon Falwell... You need to come with me." Death said to him in a raspy voice underneath the shadows of the hood that covered his face. He said it in a mixture of a petition and an order. His underground tone would echo into the dark, but nobody else seemed to notice him and death.
"But, Death, Its not my time, it can't be." Simon would plead death for a second chance and death would only reply with a broken chuckle.
"Life isn't Mario brothers, Simon. It doesn't have a restart button if it hits game over." he'd laugh in a cruel way at the thought of giving this mere mortal another chance at anything.
"I have a wife! A daughter! Why do I have to leave?" he'd ask, furious, afraid and anxious.
Death lowered his head down on him. His face was covered by a white mask with a red streak coming out of the eyes on each side.
"You must pay your fathers debt. Lucifer is tired of waiting for you." he'd say, not explaining much nor getting into details, his grip on Simon would tighten. From the corner of his eye, Simon looked at the hand and then back to Death.
"What debt?" he'd ask incredulous, how could there be such a thing even in heaven and hell? How could they make limitations to the afterlife? How could you bargain with something such as eternity of peace or torture?

Death's grip only tightened, and by then Simon was wishing to get away, somewhere far away. Fear coated him and he'd shut his eyes tightly, hoping things would go alright. The pressure on his shoulder gone, he opened his eyes. He was in his neighborhood.

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