Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?


14. XIII

Leonie was nearly a month old now, we were all slowly getting used to the new routine. I was so grateful that Simon was being so nice and allowing Louis to be home with me when all three children were around. It was a comfort. Alex was so energetic, without someone’s support, I’d end up cracking. Louis had the day off today though and had given me strict instructions to stay in bed and relax. Told me I was having a day off and all I’d have to do would be sit watching cartoons with the kids.

I was grateful for the break because it meant I could crack on with a few more wedding plans. We’d settled on burgundy and navy as our colour scheme. So now I wanted to sort out flowers. Roses were definitely one flower and I was swinging towards carnations as the second. I was getting more excited by the day. I couldn’t wait to be Mrs Tomlinson. Or to see my three little stars in their dresses/suit.

“Hey babe! Leonie’s asleep sooo for a couple of hours it’s just me and you.” Louis’ devilish smirk told me exactly what was on his mind.

I smiled back, popping my notebook by the side of me. Pulling him towards me, I crashed my lips onto his, flicking my tongue against his. We tore at each others’ clothes, knowing for obvious reasons we had to be quick. We both gasped as he entered  me, kissing hungrily, our lips never leaving each others as he kept a steady rhythm making love to me.

Climbing off me breathlessly, he smiled. “That certainly passed some time.”

I nodded. “Sure did, very rare we get time like that.”

He turned to face me, kissing me softly. “I enjoy when we do, feels like the old times. Which is nice mixed in with the family times.”

“It is, I love you Louis.”

“I love you too Nat, so so much.” He leaned over ready to kiss me when Leonie woke up. We both laughed.

“I’ll go, you get sorted for picking the twins up.”

“But babe, I wanted you to relax.”

“I know, but it’s half hour tops. I’ll be fine babe, promise.”

He kissed me once more. “See you soon babe!”

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