Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?



Dropping the twins off at Sofie’s place, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. It was my 20 week scan and I was nervous to find out the sex. I think Louis, although he may not say it, would like a boy and me? Well I’d like a girl. I’d be happy either way, this baby is already loved as much as it possibly can be and we haven’t even met it yet. “Ready babe?” Louis said smiling as I got back to the car.

“As I’ll ever be.” I answered, clicking my seatbelt into place. He took the hand break off and pulled off for the short journey to the hospital.

As soon as we entered the place, hysteria loomed. Everyone of course recognised Louis and the crowds began to form. “Miss Natalie Stancer for an ultrasound.” I told the receptionist, hoping she heard me over the screams. She booked me in telling me to take a seat. I turned to move and saw that the two of us were completely surrounded. I glanced at Louis sheepishly, my arms protectively over my bump.

“Excuse me ladies!” Louis shouted, watching them pave a way for me to get through. I said thank you as I walked past all the fans. I could hear a few of them shouting bad things, some of them asking themselves why he’s having a baby with me but most were really supportive. I appreciated them the most because they just handled the fact Louis had a girlfriend, some of the fans against us could be really horrible with their comments.

We grabbed a seat and Louis kissed me softly. “I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, comes with the territory right?” I said with a smile.

“Ready Natalie?” My midwife’s voice filled my ears.

We both nodded, following her through to the room. I got myself comfy, lifting my tee up exposing my little bump. She placed the gel on and began to rub around my belly, we could hear the baby’s heartbeat, our faces full of admiration as we stared at the screen.

“Would you like to know the sex?” She asked.

We both nodded, gripping each others’ hand tightly as she looked.

“I’m happy to say you’re having a girl.” She said with a smile. Louis stood up, kissing my forehead softly.

“Josie will be so happy.” I said laughing.

“I couldn’t be happier Nat.” He whispered.

“Me neither.”

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