Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?


3. III

Arriving at the park, the kids were full of excitement, mainly because they were gonna see Daddy. They’d missed him terribly and truth be told I had too. Louis was already waiting by the swings and before I could say anything, the twins had gone. I couldn’t help but smile at seeing the grins on their faces. Made me truly believe that what had happened was just a bump, we were a family and that’s all that mattered.

“Hey babe.” Louis said almost awkwardly when I arrived to where they all were.

“Heyy hottie.” I replied, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

“We’re off to play on the see saw!” Josie squealed.

“Be careful!” I shouted as they ran off.

Me and Louis took a seat on a bench, and entwined our fingers. “I’ve missed you.” He whispered.

“I’ve missed you too, we all have.” I replied, giving him a warm smile.

“Does that mean you’re coming home?” He asked, the hope in his voice evident.

All I did was nod in response, he leaned over and planted his lips onto mine softly.

“Well well well looks like my little fiction didn’t work.” My body froze, I knew who that voice belonged too... Jack.

“Do us a favour and fuck off!” Louis responded in an angry voice.

“Now now Louis that’s no way to speak to the twins’ father now is it?”

Louis’ hand left mine and he stood up to face off against him. “Those twins are not yours.” He stated abruptly.

“I think you’ll find they are, that precious bitch there hasn’t stopped screwing me.”

“That’s bullshit!”

“Ask her.”

Louis looked at me. “I haven’t been with you in years Jack and you know it.”

The next thing I saw was Jack’s fist hitting Louis’ face. I screamed causing the kids to look over and see their Dad being beaten. On instinct I ran over to them, shielding them from as much as I could. We were only about 10 minutes away from where Harry lived, so I quickly called him asking him to come and try to help. Josie was hysterical, Alex was crying. It was horrible. Everyone had left when the fight broke out, not wanting their children to see the violence, I wanted to help but I was just as scared as the kids were.

Seeing Harry and the guys, I breathed a sigh of relief. Niall came running over to us, moving the kids to his car so they couldn’t see any more than they already had. I turned to watch as the guys pulled the two men apart, I ran over to assess Louis’ injuries. His face was bruised and bloody, I couldn’t help but feel a tear fall down my cheek seeing him in this mess. “You leave my family the hell alone!” Louis spat.

“Sorry mate no can do!” Jack replied with a smirk.

Louis struggled, trying to get free. “She is not under your spell anymore, your stupid little mind games won’t work.”

Jack laughed. “Well something about me still lures her, after all she’s been screwing me behind your back.”

All of a sudden, I felt the almighty need to speak. “I never once ‘screwed’ you even when we were supposedly in a relationship. All you cared about was beating me to a pulp. The fact you can’t deal with the thought of me being with someone who actually loves me is totally pathetic. Louis’ right you’re stupid mind games won’t damage me or our family. We are stronger than any power you think you have. So you may as well give up, it’d save your breath.”

The smirk on Jack’s face disappeared and the colour drained out of his face. I turned to walk back to Louis and kissed him tenderly on the lips, trying not to hurt him. Nothing more was said, the five of us walked back to where they’d parked and left Jack stood there shocked.

Part of me thinks he’ll come back though, he won’t give up that easy. 

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