Never Broken

Hannah's life is a living hell. Her mother died two years ago and her step dad abuses her everyday. She feels like she has no one in the world and that everybody would be better of without her. Can a certain curly haired boy change her opinion?


6. Exploring

I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself so I decided to just look around the flat a bit. I went into into the living room which was a complete mess because the boys had stayed the night. There were some pictures on the walls, one of a pretty, older woman who I could only assume was Harry's mother, one of an older man probably his dad, one of the two together and then a few pictures of Harry with the boys. He looked so happy in those pictures, like he was overjoyed to be living out his dream.

I got bored after a little while so I flopped down on the sofa and stared into space. I was alone with my thoughts so I went over everything that happened in the last few days. I still wasn't quite sure if my father was gone from my life but I felt so safe here with the boys that I just didn't care. Besides he had no idea that I was here so how he could find me. For  the first time in a long time I felt completely safe and secure.I sat there for a little while longer just waiting for the boys return.

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