Never Broken

Hannah's life is a living hell. Her mother died two years ago and her step dad abuses her everyday. She feels like she has no one in the world and that everybody would be better of without her. Can a certain curly haired boy change her opinion?


8. Date

The next night I got ready to go on my date with Harry. I didn't actually have any clothes to wear so earlier that day I had gone out shopping with Liam as I wasn't quite ready to go out by myself yet.

So I was dressed in a denim skirt and pale pink top and I made my way downstairs into the living room. Louis and Zayn were sat in there with two girls I hadn't seen before. They all looked up as I walked in. They smiled at me brightly. "Hi, Hannah," said Zayn. "You look lovely," I smiled thanks and the girl next to him swatted his arm. "Zayn, aren't you going to introduce us?" she asked. "Sorry, Hannah this is my girlfriend Perrie and this is Louis' girlfriend Eleanor," he replied gesturing to the two girls who smiled at me brightly. I smiled back at them. Just then Harry walked in. When he saw me he smiled at me. "Hi Hannah, you ready to go?" he asked me. I nodded, waved goodbye to everyone and walked out with Harry.

A/N Hi thank you to everyone who has read so far, sorry if this chapter sucked I've had a case of writers block. Anyway plz comment if anything can be improved, thanks!

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